Algiers (1938) Poster


Walter Kingsford: Louvain


  • [first lines] 

    Commissioner Janvier : I'm not interested in hearing excuses about local conditions. No doubt there are local conditions. Here's a criminal who's exploits have made him notorious throughout Europe. He escaped from France with a fortune in jewels and for two years he's been living here in Algiers, within a stone's throw of your headquarters.

    Louvain : As you say, Commissioner.

    Commissioner Janvier : I'm here to settle this - and I want it done quickly.

    Louvain : We've been trying to settle the case of Pepe le Moko for two years.

    Commissioner Janvier : In Paris, we handle more difficult cases every day.

    Louvain : Too bad you didn't arrest him before he escaped from France. Merely an oversight, no doubt.

  • Commissioner Janvier : Do you deal in riddles here?

    Louvain : In deed, we do. Oriental riddles.

  • Louvain : You've just arrived from Paris, Commissioner. You're not familiar with the Casbah.

    Commissioner Janvier : Casbah? What's that? Some kind of nut?

    Louvain : A very hard nut - to crack.

  • Louvain : Pepe le Moko lives in the Casbah.

    Commissioner Janvier : Why not go in? Take him out?

    Louvain : You can't arrest a King in his own Palace.

  • Louvain : As a civilized man, you don't like fantasy.

    Commissioner Janvier : As a police officer, I don't believe in it.

  • Louvain : It's only a step from the modern city, the Casbah; but, when you take that step - you enter another world. A melting pot for all the sins of the earth.

  • Louvain : The Casbah rises like a fortress from the sea. Colorful, sordid, dangerous!

  • Commissioner Janvier : No evidence?

    Louvain : Nothing! Are you satisfied?

    Commissioner Janvier : I'm never satisfied!

  • Regis : We've all learned that there's only one way to arrest Pepe.

    Louvain : Oh, that's very intelligent of you.

    Regis : You know my intelligence is at your service.

    Louvain : Well, so far, it's hardly been enough.

  • Louvain : How do we know we can trust you not to make a better bargain with Pepe?

    Regis : I am an informer; not a hypocrite!

  • Louvain : Seen from a bird's eye view, the Casbah is a great staircase. Each step is a terrace rising from the sea.

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