West of Shanghai (1937) Poster

Ricardo Cortez: Gordon Creed



  • Gen. Wu Yen Fang : You come here buy interest in oil field?

    Gordon Creed : I offered him fifty thousand dollars for a quarter interest.

    Gen. Wu Yen Fang : You got that money here?

    Gordon Creed : Well, of course not. I never carry that amount with me.

    Gen. Wu Yen Fang : Please not to lie. Do business China oil fields always cash.

    Gen. Wu Yen Fang : [to Galt, intending to refer to him as a 'loan shark']  Mr. Loan Fish?

    Myron Galt : You mean me, General?

    Gen. Wu Yen Fang : You got my pen note... fifty thousand dollar?

    Myron Galt : Right here.

    Gen. Wu Yen Fang : You see, you got fifty thousand dollar I want.

    Myron Galt : I won't submit to being robbed. My government...

    Gen. Wu Yen Fang : [Interrupting]  I not rob. You give; I take. Give!

  • General Ma : Sorry to cause you this trouble. We have found the murderer.

    [Suspect has been lead outside] 

    Myron Galt : I'm certainly glad you found him.

    Lola Galt : What are you going to do with him?

    Gordon Creed : [Laconically after the sound of firing squad report]  They're gonna bury him.

  • Gordon Creed : Fang calls himself the White Tiger of the North.

    Chow Fu-Shan : Fang is a plague of locusts to the North. And like the locusts, he can only be fought with fire. Fang's days are numbered.

  • Gordon Creed : You tell General Fang that I'd like to speak to him at once. You sabe?

    Mr. Cheng : It isn't necessary to speak pidgin English. I speak the language quite as fluently as you do.

    Gordon Creed : You tell General Fang I'd like to see him at once.

    Mr. Cheng : Impossible. The General is entertaining Mrs.Creed.

    [brandishes gun] 

    Mr. Cheng : I'd advise you to move on. Please.

  • Dr. Abernathy : Friends, I welcome you all to the Mission. But, I'm afraid these poor walls won't be much protection against Fang and his soldiers.

    Gordon Creed : Fang is a blood-thirsty devil!

    Dr. Abernathy : I've been laughing at devils all my life. Come with me and I'll show you where you're to sleep. Your rooms may not be comfortable, but they'll be clean. At least there'll be no vermin in them.

    Gordon Creed : Not until the bandits get here.

    Lola Galt : That's a jolly thought!

  • Gordon Creed : We have a number of men here. Why don't we do something to defend the place?

    Dr. Abernathy : You can't fight China, Mr. Creed.

  • Gen. Wu Yen Fang : How you get Captain Nui double cross me?

    Gordon Creed : Well, you can do almost anything with money. You know that, General.

    Gen. Wu Yen Fang : Wisdom fall from your lip.

  • Gordon Creed : General, let's get back to business. You know, you and I could make a much better deal than I made with Captain Nui.

    Gen. Wu Yen Fang : You mean you double cross him too?

    Gordon Creed : Why not? You're in this racket to make money, aren't you?

  • Gen. Wu Yen Fang : You very smart man. My friend, I give you most best deal anyone. You go leave here now and it not cost no money.

    Gordon Creed : What's the catch?

    Gen. Wu Yen Fang : There's no catch. It's easy. I just go kill you.

    Gordon Creed : You must be joking General.

    Gen. Wu Yen Fang : Do I look like joker? Do Mr. Cheng look like joker?

    Gordon Creed : General, what would you gain by doing this?

    Gen. Wu Yen Fang : Alive you no good. Dead you very good. Make two people happy.

    Gordon Creed : You mean you want to kill me so that my wife can marry Hallet?

    Gen. Wu Yen Fang : It best way I think.

  • Gordon Creed : But, General, if its money you want, why, I'll give you plenty of money. Anything that you want.

    Gen. Wu Yen Fang : It's not I no want money. It's that I no want you. I do this myself Mr. Cheng.

    Gordon Creed : Well, at least fight fair. You both have guns, give me a chance.

    Gen. Wu Yen Fang : But if I give you gun, you maybe shoot me! You t'ink I am dang fool?

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