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Sanders at his best
Joolz3 October 1999
This movie is a real must see for Sanders fans. It's an adaptation of the "Prisoner of Zenda"...Sanders plays an unwilling part in a Great War "sting", to capture vital enemy secrets, due to his uncanny resemblance to a top German officer. The result is an action packed thriller with a nice quirky ending. Watch out for Dolores Del Rio as a splendid Marta Hari figure....just darn excellent!
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The movie and George Sanders are well worth watching
jrob-741-2442624 August 2013
The unintelligent lady who panned the movie is exceptional dense. The movie was splendid and George Sander's performance was splendid---as are all his performances. This summary is from AFI:

: On a plane leaving London, Colonel Fenwick tells his daughter the story of a man on the plane who once meant more to England than anyone else alive. The colonel explains that in 1917, when deadlocked battle fronts forced each side to turn to espionage, British Naval Officer Lieutenant Michael Bruce, was called upon to impersonate Baron Kurt Von Rohbach, a captured German officer of the famed Imperial Lancer Guards. After Bruce says goodbye to his wife and daughter, who thereafter believe him to be lost at sea, Colonel Fenwick of British Intelligence arranges for Bruce, as Von Rohbach, to escape. In Berlin, German General Von Meinhardi gives Bruce a hero's welcome to boost morale. German intelligence officer Lieut. Col. Gottfried Hollen and Major Sigfried Gruning suspect that Bruce is an impostor and, eager to discredit Von Meinhardi, send dancer Dolores Daria to seduce him. Bruce subsequently duels over Dolores, and after Dolores reports that she has learned nothing, Hollen sets a trap by telling Bruce of a spy planted in the British Admiralty. Knowing that Bruce is not the baron, Dolores, who has nevertheless fallen in love with him, warns him that informing the British about the spy will give Hollen proof of Bruce's espionage. After Gruning shows Hollen a newspaper photograph and article reporting that Bruce has been lost at sea, Hollen arranges for Bruce's home in Norfolk to be robbed. With samples of Bruce's handwriting, Hollen tries to inform Von Meinhardi, but the general, after a meal with Dolores and Bruce, has a heart attack. Bruce, with Von Meinhardi's keys, locates the West Front battle plans and, with the help of Dolores and a tailor working for the British, escapes as a train porter to Switzerland. Colonel Fenwick finishes his story about Bruce by telling his daughter that the plans became the greatest factor in England's victory, and he surmises that Bruce is traveling to Berlin to pay an annual visit to the grave of Dolores, who was executed.
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Dreary quota quickie
Anne_Sharp13 September 2000
This uninspired "Prisoner of Zenda" ripoff has little to recommend it, and certainly not George Sanders, who's as unconvincing as an English action hero as he is as a Stroheim-style Prussian. Peter Lorre seems to be here mainly for the marquee value of his name, as he's given absolutely nothing to do.
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George Sanders with a German Accent
marthawilcox183129 July 2014
George Sanders speaks in an German accent in this film and would go on to play a German in both 'Confessions of a Nazi Spy' and 'Man Hunt'. His German is quite good, and his stiff wooden acting makes him convincing as a German. Here you see him being trained as an Englishman to speak German, and you can see his evolution from an Englishman to portraying future German roles.

I've never been a fan of Peter Lorre so I haven't got much to say about his contribution to this film, although he does play a minor role and keeps low profile.

This is more like a workshop for Sanders to evolve into a German character rather than a film that stands by itself.
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