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  • A young woman reaches maturity and yearns to know about her father. Her mother has poisoned her mind about the man who left her for another woman. There is a tender moment when they see each other for the first time. She learns that the man is not as she was told, nor is the woman. This is a movie which has penetrated my thoughts over the years since I first experienced it.


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  • Tokyo salary girl lives with very serious bluestocking haiku writing mother. Salary girl seeks to marry the attendant dish but needs absent father to act as go-between. There has been no contact from father for years except money orders. The daughters plan is to persuade her father to come back to Tokyo for this go-between role, but also persuade him to return permanently to her mother, who is still pining for her husband. The daughter goes to a mountain village where father is gold panning and living with an ex-geisha with whom he has had two children. Ex-geisha turns out not to be, as suspected, a gold-digger and husband stealer but instead is a pleasant woman, who feels guilty about the first family (she's been sending the money orders without the father's knowledge) and is a good match for the down to earth father. Daughter has second thoughts about breaking up this happy arrangement but the ex-geisha supports the visit and, once in Tokyo, the daughter goes back to her plan of bringing her parents back together again. However, the husband goes to sleep during the Noh play his wife likes while she criticises his liking for sake. The crunch comes when she puts working on poetry before talking to her husband. Despite her own feelings and her brother's incredulity, the over-intellectual wife drives her fairly incompatible husband away for a second time and he returns to his second family in the mountains.

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