Les Misérables (1935) Poster

Fredric March: Jean Valjean, Champmathieu



  • Jean Valjean : How do you know I won't murder you in the night?

    Bishop Bienvenu : [remains calm]  Well, how do you know I won't murder you?

    Jean Valjean : Nah...

    Bishop Bienvenu : You have faith in me it seems. And I must have faith in you, musnt' I? Good night.

  • Jean Valjean : Remember, as was once told me: life is to give, not to take.

  • Jean Valjean : [to an old woman]  You want to know who I am? I'm a convict! Yeah! I served my sentence. Now my punishment begins, it seems. Look, in prison they gave me a bed of wood. Now I have one of stone.


    Jean Valjean : That's what they do when they set you free!


    Jean Valjean : Well, call the police, why don't you? Have me turned off this as well!

  • Jean Valjean : Is it true I don't have to go back to the galleys? You - you let me go free?

    Bishop Bienvenu : Free? When is a man free? I wish someone would tell me.

  • Jean Valjean : You never temper justice with mercy?

    Inspector Javert : No, we might as well understand each other, Monsieur Madeliene. I administer the law - good, bad, or indifferent - it's no business of mine, but the law to the letter!

  • Jean Valjean : And me! Me! Have you nothing for me?

    Cosette : But you're my father. I mean I always think of you as my father. I know you're not really, but, don't you see, with Marius, it's different. It isn't just that lovely sense of companionship I have with you. It's - it's - well, it's the way every girl feels for the man who's going to marry her! You always knew I should have to leave you one day, didn't you?

    Jean Valjean : No one forgets that!

  • Jean Valjean : [looking around the empty hallway]  Javert? You're here! I know it! Where are you? Where are you?

  • Jean Valjean : I'm ready. All I ask is a few minutes to say good-bye.

    Inspector Javert : The law allows you nothing.

  • Jean Valjean : [holding the Bishop's candlesticks]  Keep these always. Silver they say, but they're more than gold to me!

  • Jean Valjean : Remember to love each other, always. There's scarcely anything else in life but that.

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