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Claire Dodd: Anita



  • Anita 'Nita' : A good sock in the eye is something every woman needs... at least once in her life.

  • Anita 'Nita' : I don't mind strange beds at all.

    Tony : If I'm not mistaken, it's a preference - that led to your recent divorce.

    Anita 'Nita' : Yes, darling. And now it's going to lead to yours.

  • Vernon : What's the matter?

    Anita 'Nita' : Battle, murder and sudden death.

    George Lancaster : Oh, these young couples - the conflict of sex!

  • Anita 'Nita' : Oh, don't be so tragic, Tony, what's a little divorce?

    Tony : It's the end of everything.

    Anita 'Nita' : Oh, don't be silly. Its no more serious than tonsils.

  • Anita 'Nita' : Good night.

    Vicki Wallace Thorpe : Oh, eh, there's a pink negligee in the closet. Its brand new and awfully cute!

    Anita 'Nita' : Sounds exciting!

  • Vernon : Is Vicki dressed yet?

    Anita 'Nita' : Oh, I hope so, Tony's with her.

  • George Lancaster : [Hears the commotion, comes rushing back into the room]  What's the matter? What happened!

    Anita 'Nita' : He hit her.

    George Lancaster : On the level?

    Anita 'Nita' : On the nose, I think.

    [George gives out a whistle] 

  • George Lancaster : [regarding Tony]  Well, what's gnawing at *his* vitals?

    Anita 'Nita' : Oh, nothing, George. They've had a little spat.

    George Lancaster : Mm-hmm. The trouble with "spats" is, they come in pairs.

    [proceeds to laugh at his little joke] 

  • Tony : I feel an awful ass calling on Vicki with flowers and candy. Seems sort of silly.

    Tony : [Edna walks by, giving Tony a knowing look]  I never liked that woman. Never did. When she opened the door just now, she sort of smirked at me. You know, "Somebody else in your shoes now, you poor fish."

    Anita 'Nita' : Edna's a treasure. Vicki would never give *her* the air.

    Tony : *I* was a treasure once.

    Anita 'Nita' : *Edna* never hit her.

  • Tony : [giving Vicki gifts of flowers and candies]  Here, I, uh, I brought these.

    Vicki Wallace Thorpe : Why, Tony! You never used to bring me flowers before we were divorced. And candy, too! How nice!

    Tony : [leaves the room to call out for George]  George, George!

    George Lancaster : What do you want?

    Tony : You win!

    George Lancaster : [laughs mockingly]  Ah, ha ha ha ha!

    Anita 'Nita' : [Tony goes back to the room with Anita and Vicki]  Well, what *does* he win, and why?

    Tony : He won just a little bet - 25 bucks.

    Anita 'Nita' : Don't be so mysterious.

    Tony : Well... I asked George, "Should I bring flowers." And he said, "You never used to take her flowers." And I said, "No." And he said, "Well, I wouldn't. She'll only make some crack about when you were married." And I said, "Oh, no, she wouldn't be so tactless!" And so we had a little bet about it... and you said it, and I lost.

    Anita 'Nita' : It was rather tactless at that.

    Vicki Wallace Thorpe : If you had an ounce of tact you'd have left five minutes ago to powder your nose!

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