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Curly Flagg: Can I play the part? What's it like?

Gus McNeal: Well, you're dancing in a nightclub. A gangster comes after you. Somebody like, er, George Raft.

Curly Flagg: Swell!

Gus McNeal: He tries to make love to you but you fight him off.

Curly Flagg: Comedy, huh?

Gus McNeal: Oh, no, no, no. This is serious. You are a pure, sweet girl.

Curly Flagg: Yeah?

Gus McNeal: Yeah. But some instinct tells you what he wants so you fight him off. He tears part of your clothes off. And you stand there before him half-clothed.

Curly Flagg: Swell!

Gus McNeal: Now then, your brother comes in just in time and shoots him. You run away so you won't have to appear as a witness against your brother and a college boy finds you and hides you.

Curly Flagg: Say, that's a co-incidence.

Gus McNeal: Yeah, isn't it? Well, you and the boy fall in love with each other. But his father, a fanatic, accuses you of being a bad girl. You convince the father that you are pure so he tries to get you. He tears your clothes off.

Curly Flagg: Yay!

Gus McNeal: This time, the son rescues you. And marries you.

Curly Flagg: Then he tears my clothes off?

Gus McNeal: That is an idea.

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Paul Lawton: Hey, Buzz, what do you think I've got downstairs in my room?

Buzz Jones: I'm on the wagon until after commencement.

Paul Lawton: No, it's a girl. A chorus girl. Right out of a nightclub and still all dolled up in the black panties and the brassiere.

Buzz Jones: Lift up my typewriter and you'll find Mae West!

Paul Lawton: No, listen. This is on the level.

Buzz Jones: You mean, you got a girl in your room, a female girl?

Paul Lawton: That's what I've been trying to tell you; a nightclub chorus girl.

Buzz Jones: And only two weeks before you graduate.

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