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Gardel dances again
MegaSuperstar14 October 2015
The main interest of this film is to hear Carlos Gardel singing (and how he sings! Specially tangos: to hear him singing them in his unique style with his characteristic voice is simply a pleasure!). The film contains some memorable songs: Amores de estudiante (student loves), Cuesta abajo (downhill) and Mi Buenos Aires querido (my dear Buenos Aires). It gives me chills to hear him singing Mi Buenos Aires querido (My dear Buenos Aires) although I am not south American! The story is quite simple, in the line of Of human bondage. I also enjoy the way -briefly seen in this film- Gardel dances the tango: so soft, so subtle, not in the usual suburban way but in a classy style. It is a pity he only appears briefly dancing in some of his films, as he dances the tango beautifully.
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