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Gangsters John Finchley and James Kent operate a speakeasy in New York called "The Hawk's Nest", and Dan Daugherty is the owner of a rival nightclub that also caters to Chinatwon tourists. Daugherty frames Kent and the latter is sent to prison for the murder of a graft-taking politician. Daugherty is also upset with Finchley for protecting a dancer, Madelon Arden, whom Daugherty has a thing for, so matters are getting a bit dicey between these two underworld bosses. They don't improve any when Madelon and Finchley become real good friends. Finchley is working hard on pinning the murder of the politician on the real murderer, which he knows is Daugherty, but he has to enlist the aid of the leader of a Chinese-Tong, Sojin, to get it done.

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