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Sally in Our Alley (1916) -- Lost Silent Film
PamelaShort17 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Growing up in the crowded tenements of Pigtail Alley, Sally McGill ( Muriel Ostriche ) is ecstatic when Mrs. Rockwell, a wealthy social worker, decides to take her to the country for the summer. Isabel ( Jean Shelby ), Mrs. Rockwell's snobbish niece, takes an instant dislike to Sally, and then becomes jealous of her when Paul Taylor ( Carlyle Blackwell ) , her own boyfriend, seems to be strongly attracted to the visitor from the slums. As a result, Isabel convinces her aunt to send Sally back to the city. However, that still doesn't dissuade Paul, instead of returning to Isabel, he follows Sally, and then proposes to her. Sally refuses, citing their different backgrounds, but Paul, undeterred, persists until she finally consents.

This 1916 drama starred Muriel Ostriche and Carlyle Blackwell and was produced by the Peerless Features Producing Company in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Sadly, this silent adaptation now remains a lost film.
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