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A Plain Girl's Love (1913)

A Plain Girl's Love (1913)

Short | Drama

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"Silverton West is a worthy young blacksmith in a prosperous town. He is engaged to Martha Day, of plain face but fine character. Nancy Cleveland, the village belle, returns from the city. West becomes infatuated with Nancy's beauty and breaks off his engagement with Martha. Martha is heartbroken, but bears her loss with dignity. Jack Bloodgood, something of a 'dandy' and wise to the ways of the world, becomes a rival of West for the affections of Nancy. Nancy doesn't fancy either, but figures on marrying the one who can best satisfy her extravagant tastes. West starts on a lone expedition in search for gold, which he eventually finds, although his life is nearly lost in the hazardous search for it. In the meantime Nancy, thinking West to be lost in the desert, marries the 'drummer.' Martha the plain girl, leads a posse in search of West, and rescues him with her own hand. West learns the worth of a plain girl's love." Moving Picture World Jan-Mar 1913 p.182
Henry MacRae
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