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The Other Fellow (1912)

The Other Fellow (1912)

Short | Comedy

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Jack Brown, before his marriage, has been a good friend to Tobie La Rue, an actress, and she not knowing of his marriage, wants to renew their acquaintance, and writes him a note to that effect. His wife is present when he receives the note, and becoming jealous of him, resolves to "get even." So when he leaves to explain his position to Tobie, she sends her maid for a box of candy, and tells Jack that it was given to her. In the meantime. Jack has gone to the theater, and while talking with Tobie, unconsciously puts her handkerchief up his sleeve, and of course it is found by his wife, upon his return home, and he is ordered from the house. However, some hours later he gets up courage to return, and going to his room, finds the door is locked. Immediately, his thoughts revert to the box of candy that was given to her, and his mind supplies the last part of the sentence, "by the other fellow," and Jack forces the door open, where he sees a bolster in his bed, and not seeing the joke, strikes his wife. She then realizes that she has gone too far, explains the entire situation to him, and all's well that ends well.
Hobart Bosworth
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