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1. Love Is All You Need? (2016)

121 min | Drama

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Prejudice. Human rights. Bullying. "Romeo and Juliet" meets "Crash" meets "Requiem for a Dream"...with a twist. Based on the multi-award winning short film of the same name.

Director: Kim Rocco Shields | Stars: Briana Evigan, Tyler Blackburn, Kyla Kenedy, Jacob Rodier

Votes: 797

2. Love Is All You Need? (2012)

20 min | Short, Drama, Romance

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The story of a bullied young teen who lives in a world where heterosexuality is considered immoral.

Director: Kim Rocco Shields | Stars: Louis Bottino, C. Ashleigh Caldwell, Patrick Charles, Brian Deming

Votes: 954

3. Now and Forever

Comedy | Announced

Thomas and Gary are the perfect couple. Their idyllic life together comes to a tragic end when Gary is killed in a work-related accident, crushed in a construction zone by a strip club ... See full summary »

Director: Kim Rocco Shields | Stars: Jerry Mathers, David Alanson Bradberry, Connie Jackson, Torsten Colijn

4. Making Love... Behind the Scenes (2014 Video)

Short, Comedy, Reality-TV

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This web series is a BTS from the film Love is all you need? Feature Film. How is work with this crew? Problems, Trailers, Psychics Dogs. Kim Rocco Shields tries to not become crazy in the process to make a movie.

Director: Kim Rocco Shields

5. Dark Web

Crime | Announced

When Elizabeth Wallace's husband is arrested for running an Internet sub-network her charmed life is turned upside down when she is expected to carry on in the family business where he left off.

6. Senescence

Drama | Announced

In an effort to genetically modify produce to create less waste is it actually causing more harm than good? Is this harmful effect an accident or some government conspiracy to shorten life expectancy rates?

7. Poncho

Drama | Announced

The life story of aviation pioneer Florence Lowe "Pancho" Barnes.

Director: Kim Rocco Shields

8. Exposure (II)

War | Announced

Alex Peyton a decorated war vet and strong independent woman comes home after service with one leg and a duffel bag of anger and resentment. She struggles to adjusts to the world around her as she awaits news of her new deployment.

Director: Kim Rocco Shields

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