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1. The Empty Man (2020)

R | Crime, Drama, Horror | Completed

On the trail of a missing girl, an ex-cop comes across a secretive group attempting to summon a terrifying supernatural entity.

Director: David Prior | Stars: Stephen Root, Joel Courtney, Aaron Poole, Robert Aramayo

2. Mouse Guard

Adventure, Fantasy | Announced

A brotherhood of mice are sworn to help their fellow mice. A live-action feature adaptation of David Petersen's graphic novel, published by Archaia.

Director: Wes Ball | Stars: Andy Serkis, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Sonoya Mizuno, Jack Whitehall

3. Irredeemable

Comedy, Sci-Fi | Announced

An alien race looks to stop their leader from destroying the planet Earth.

Director: Adam McKay

4. Imagine Agents

Comedy, Drama | Announced

Plot unknown.

Director: Richie Keen | Star: Michael Keaton

5. Last Sons of America

Comedy | Announced

A pair of brothers work as adoption agents in a world where America has become infertile and children are a valuable commodity.

Director: Josh Mond | Star: Peter Dinklage

6. The Unsound

Horror | Announced

A psychiatrist who returns to the insane asylum where her mother once worked and is now a patient, hoping to quell a bloody wave of horror that's been unleashed.

Director: David F. Sandberg

7. Malignant Man

Horror | Announced

When cancer patient Alan Gates discovers that his tumor is actually a mysterious parasite that gives him otherworldly powers, he begins a battle against an army buried beneath society's skin.

Director: Rebecca Thomas

8. Goldie Vance

Mystery | Announced

A 16-year-old mixed-race girl who dreams of becoming the in-house detective at a historic Miami resort.

Director: Rashida Jones

9. Talent

Drama | Announced

Nicole Dane wakes up in a hospital, only to discover that she is the sole survivor of an accident that killed 148 people. As rumors about her "miraculous" survival begin to circulate, she ... See full summary »

Star: Lex Anastasia

10. Tag (II)

Comedy, Drama | Announced

An average becomes the next target of an ancient pagan curse that can be passed from person to person. In order to stay alive, he must find the next person to curse.

Director: John R. Leonetti

11. Lumberjanes

Adventure, Fantasy | Announced

Five young female friends battle supernatural forces at summer camp.

Director: Emily Carmichael

12. Hacktivist (TV Movie)

Drama | Announced

A pair of young Internet entrepreneurs are recruited to work for the CIA. Based on Alyssa Milano's 2014 graphic novel 'Hacktivist'.

13. Curse (I)

Drama, Thriller | Announced

A widowed father is financially broken from trying to save his child from a rare illness and inadvertently captures a werewolf. The question then becomes whether the lycan will be the ... See full summary »

14. Bolivar

Animation | Announced

A young girl named befriends a dinosaur living in New York City.

15. Jeremiah Harm

Action, Sci-Fi | Announced

Intergalatic bounty hunter ends up on earth on a mission.

Director: Timo Vuorensola

16. Protocol Orphans

Action, Drama, Thriller | Announced

A foster family of orphans were trained by the US government as covert operatives, protecting their country during the day and battling each other at night.

17. Insurrection (I)

Action, Sci-Fi | Announced

Set in a world where corporations command their own armies of clone soldiers who are treated like a subclass, one man stands up to lead a revolution against the system.

18. Day Men

Action, Horror | Announced

A member of a secret group of mortals entrusted with protecting vampires while they sleep during the day steps in to help when a battle breaks out between rivaling vampire clans.

19. The 2nd Annual Geekie Awards (2014 TV Special)

240 min | Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

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The Geekie Awards honors talented, independent creators in entertainment, gaming, products and art, and gives them the opportunity to receive recognition in front of a worldwide audience.

Director: Brian Sheil | Stars: Kristen Nedopak, Khail Anonymous, LeVar Burton, Gale Anne Hurd

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