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1. Bigger (2018)

PG-13 | 107 min | Biography, Drama

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37 Metascore

The inspirational tale of the grandfathers of fitness as we now know it, Joe and Ben Weider. Facing anti-Semitism and extreme poverty, the brothers beat all odds to build an empire and inspire future generations.

Director: George Gallo | Stars: Tyler Hoechlin, Julianne Hough, Aneurin Barnard, Kevin Durand

Votes: 1,486 | Gross: $0.05M

2. You Don't Know Jack (2010 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 134 min | Biography, Drama

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A look at the life and work of doctor-assisted suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian.

Director: Barry Levinson | Stars: Al Pacino, Brenda Vaccaro, John Goodman, Deirdre O'Connell

Votes: 25,199

3. Slice (III)

Biography | Announced

Chronicles the life of the YouTube street fighting sensation turned MMA pro Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson.

4. Kevorkian (2010)

Not Rated | 91 min | Documentary

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After serving 9 years in prison for assisting a suicide, Jack Kevorkian was released from prison in 2007. What followed is the amazing final chapter in the life of one of the most controversial men of our times.

Director: Matthew Galkin | Star: Jack Kevorkian

Votes: 313

5. Ponzi for Idiots

Comedy | Pre-production

Two southern idiots manage to, despite themselves, scam over $300M in the first big modern day Ponzi scheme in the '90's. A true story.

Director: George Gallo

6. Covet (II)

Horror | Pre-production

A home invasion in Beverly Hills goes awry for its ruthless, anti-immigrant Nationalist perpetrators. They may have the weapons, but who is really in control?

Director: George Gallo

7. My Final Answer

Family | Pre-production

When a seemingly mindless young man wins big on a game show, his unique relationship with a powerful U.S. Senator, sets in motion a whirlwind of international connectivity.

Director: Steve Lee Jones

8. Forty Six

Thriller | Announced

A new and beloved President takes office and quickly learns that he has no power at all.

Director: Alik Sakharov

9. Black Knight Red Light

Drama | Announced

The chilling account of The Marquis, Marchesa and her lover. What started out as free spirited wild parties ended with a triple murder, cover-ups and the exposure of an underworld that some of the most elite men in Italy were a part of.

10. Post Mortem Art

Comedy | Announced

Fish-out-of-water gallery owners from NY, now living in London, opt to "help" an ailing artist die, so his works' skyrocket, in order to salvage their high society life style.

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