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1. It Had to Be You (2000)

PG | 96 min | Comedy, Romance

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Two strangers meet and fall in love during the weekend that they are planning their respective weddings.

Director: Steven Feder | Stars: Natasha Henstridge, Michael Vartan, Michael Rispoli, Olivia d'Abo

Votes: 1,695

2. The Cottonwood (1996)

90 min

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Glad you are so much for a long way

Director: Steven Feder | Stars: Pruitt Taylor Vince, Jack Mulcahy, Cyril O'Reilly, Steven Feder

Votes: 30

3. The Pugilist (2012)


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The passion, drive and life, behind rising prospects in the world of professional boxing and what it takes to become a world Champion.

Director: Jim Sonzero | Stars: Jose Benavidez Jr., Steven Feder, Jamie Kavanaugh, Lateef Kayode

4. With a Bullet

Crime, Drama, Music | Announced

Two thugs from Philidelphia come to Hollywood and bring it to its knees as they change the music business for ever.

Director: Steven Feder

5. A Million Rounds

Crime | Announced

A hostage takeover brings a government scandal to the attention of a nation.

Director: Steven Feder

6. The Ropes (2015– )


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The world of professional boxing told from far inside the ropes.

7. The Big Gig (1994)

Not Rated | 24 min | Short

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Two brothers and their two bumbling elderly uncles plan a bank heist. In spite of every possible mistake the crew makes, their stupidity only seems to help their quest for the money.

Director: Jeffrey Nachmanoff | Stars: Allen Bloomfield, Wolfgang Bodison, Steven Feder, Sandra Hess

Votes: 15

8. Absolution and Penance

Crime | Announced

A young man, once on the run, having created a new life, can no longer escape his criminal past.

9. Wild Card

Action | Announced

A college graduate discovers his first day on the job that he's the only living employee and the mark in a global spy game.

Director: Steven Feder

10. Under the Influence (II)

Crime, Thriller | Announced

A cop and his partner discover the murder suspect they've been tracking and the rape case they've been unable to solve lands on their own doorstep.

Director: Steven Feder

11. 30 Days to Popular (2013– )


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Two female friends attempt to climb the social ladder in high school.

12. To Forsake All Others

Thriller | Announced

A man on the political rise discovers after his first wife was murdered, that his new wife isn't at all who she says she is.

13. There Was Thunder

Drama | Announced

During WWII the US and Australia allies are preparing for a possible invasion by the Japanese on the east coast of Far North Queensland Australia. A turn of dramatic events see six African ... See full summary »

14. The Argyle Affair

Crime | Announced

A beautiful NYPD detective soon discovers that the one night stand that stole her heart and the world famous globe-trotting master thief she's been chasing are one in the same.

15. No Control (2016 Video)

Short, Music

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Directors: Lance Chapman, Steven Feder | Stars: Steven Driscoll, Cole Gann, Guy Moore, Charlie Sehres

16. Vandals

Drama, Sport | Announced

In 1951, three years before the Supreme Court banned segregation in public schools, in the tiny mining town of Miami in southeast Arizona, a sports legend was born.

17. Shorty

Crime, Drama | Announced

The true life of the most notorious Mexican drug kingpin told through the eyes of the girl who knew him only as Papi.

18. Right Hand to the Champ

Drama | Announced

A young and aggressive female eager to be successful at any cost, finds herself with the task to build and run the empire of a megalomaniac, billionaire, who happens to be the undefeated welterweight boxing champion of the world.

19. Terra Blue

Action | Announced

The story reveals events as recounted by an unlikely source, a toiler, an African- American Slave- English Convict, self made man - William Billy Blue. Billy Blue was not only a witness to ... See full summary »

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