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1. Manuel Padilla Jr.

Actor | American Graffiti

Manuel Padilla Jr. was born on July 13, 1955 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Manuel A. Padilla Jr. He was an actor, known for American Graffiti (1973), Scarface (1983) and Tarzan (1966). He died on January 29, 2008 in Pomona, California.

2. George Walsh

Actor | A Manhattan Knight

George Walsh was born on March 16, 1889 in New York City, New York, USA. He was an actor and assistant director, known for A Manhattan Knight (1920), With Stanley in Africa (1922) and American Pluck (1925). He was married to Seena Owen. He died on June 13, 1981 in Pomona, California, USA.

3. Jim Mapp

Actor | Enemy Mine

Jim Mapp was born on August 20, 1924 in Jonesboro, Georgia, USA. He was an actor, known for Enemy Mine (1985), Speed (1994) and Homer and Eddie (1989). He died on November 16, 2005 in Pomona, California, USA.

4. Dale Fuller

Actress | Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ

Dale Fuller was born on June 17, 1885 in Santa Ana, California, USA as Marie Dale Phillipps. She was an actress, known for Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1925), The Cossacks (1928) and The Sacred Flame (1929). She died on October 14, 1948 in Pomona, California.

5. Loren Ewing

Transportation Department | Idaho Transfer

Loren Ewing was born on October 14, 1937 in Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA as William Russell Ewing. He is known for his work on Idaho Transfer (1973), Black Sheep Squadron (1976) and Batman (1966). He died on December 2, 2014 in Pomona, California, USA.

6. Harry L. Fraser

Writer | Batman

Harry L. Fraser was born on March 31, 1889 in San Francisco, California, USA. He was a director and writer, known for Batman (1943), The Tonto Kid (1934) and Wagon Trail (1935). He was married to Audrey Brown, Emma and Janet Findlay. He died on April 8, 1974 in Pomona, California.

7. Eldridge Cleaver

Self | 1 P.M.

Eldridge Cleaver was born on August 31, 1935 in Wabbaseka, Arkansas, USA as Eldridge Leroy Cleaver. He was married to Kathleen Cleaver. He died on May 1, 1998 in Pomona, California, USA.

8. Clifford Stine

Camera Department | Spartacus

Photographer, in charge of the optical department at Universal during the 1950's. He became the' go-to' guy at the studio for special visual effects, especially on creature features and science fiction movies. He was brought out of retirement to work on the Oscar-winning special effects for ...

9. Jan Scott

Production Designer | Studs Lonigan

Jan Scott, a founding member of the Television Arts and Sciences, originally was established in New York television. Jan was instrumental in establishing the West Coast TV Academy foundation upon the split between the West Coast Branch with the New York Branch Academy. Jan was an officer and member...

10. Mary Louise Zeyen

Breaking Away

While Mary Louise Zeyen was born in Washington State in 1926, her family moved to the Los Angeles area when she was very young. Her talent on cello was recognized at a young age, and she became a member of the Peter Meremblum California Junior Symphony Orchestra, one of the premier youth training ...

11. Antonio García de Pedro

Self | We Stand Alone Together

Antonio García de Pedro was born on January 17, 1925 in Texas, USA. He died on August 18, 2005 in Pomona, California, USA.

12. Louis Burstein

Producer | Crimson Shoals

Founded King Bee Films, a production company that specialized in comedy shorts, in Hollywood in 1917.

14. Jesse Steinfeld

Self | The Mike Douglas Show

Jesse Steinfeld was born on January 6, 1927 in West Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, USA as Jesse Leonard Steinfeld. He was married to Gen M. Stokes. He died on August 5, 2014 in Pomona, California, USA.

15. Lillian Knight

Actress | Stage Madness

Lillian Knight was born on March 23, 1883 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA as Lillian Unold. She was an actress, known for Stage Madness (1927), The Silent Way (1914) and Silence (1915). She died on May 16, 1946 in Pomona, California, USA.

16. Harry Jaffa

Self | William F. Buckley: Right from the Start

Harry Jaffa was born on October 7, 1918 in New York City, New York, USA as Harry Victor Jaffa. He was married to Marjorie Butler. He died on January 10, 2015 in Pomona, California, USA.

17. Gilbert 'Magu' Sanchez Lujan

Self | Los Four/Murals of Aztlan

Gilbert 'Magu' Sanchez Lujan was born on October 16, 1940 in French Camp, California, USA as Gilbert Sanchez Luján. He died on July 24, 2011 in Pomona, California.

18. Jessica Marlowe-Goldstein

Actress | Apart from That

Jessica Marlowe-Goldstein was born on September 10, 1959 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA as Jessica Marla Goldstein. She was an actress, known for Apart from That (2006). She was married to Brian Allen King. She died on February 7, 2012 in Pomona, California, USA.

19. Harrison 'Buzz' Price

Self | The Wonderful World of Disney

Harrison 'Buzz' Price was born on May 17, 1921 in Oregon City, Oregon, USA as Harrison Alan Price. He was married to Anne Shaw Price. He died on August 15, 2010 in Pomona, California, USA.

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