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1. Carl Theodor Dreyer

Director | Ordet

The illegitimate son of a Danish farmer and his Swedish housekeeper, Carl Theodor Dreyer was born in Copenhagen on the 3th of February, 1889. He spent his early years in various foster homes before being adopted by the Dreyers at the age of two. Contrary to popular belief (perhaps nourished by the ...

2. Annette Stroyberg

Actress | Les liaisons dangereuses

Pouty-lipped, kittenish Annette Stroyberg was best known, and briefly known, as the sexy young nubile blonde who replaced bombshell Brigitte Bardot in the late 1950s as the wife and object of exploitation of Svengali-like French director Roger Vadim. Possessing Bardot's similar erotic balance of ...

3. Dirch Passer

Actor | Mig og mafiaen

Dirch Hartvig Passer was born on May 18, 1926, on Østerbro, Copenhagen, to Ragnhild Fich and Capt. Vilhelm Passer (seaman). He never did well in school, being the class clown, which had a negative effect on his grades. He did especially badly in mathematics, which came to follow him the rest of his...

4. Ove Sprogøe

Actor | Olsen-bandens sidste bedrifter

Ove Sprogøe was one of Denmark's finest and most treasured actors. Born in 1919 in Odense, where he also grew up, his parents were Arthur and Inger Sprogøe. He married his wife Eva in 1945, the same year as his stage debut at Folketeatret in Copenhagen.

Through a long career in film, television and ...

5. Benjamin Christensen

Director | Hævnens Nat

Benjamin Christensen was born on September 28, 1879 in Viborg, Denmark. He was a director and writer, known for Blind Justice (1916), Seven Footprints to Satan (1929) and The Devil's Circus (1926). He was married to Karen Winther, Sigrid Stahl and Ellen Arctander. He died on April 2, 1959 in ...

6. Poul Reichhardt

Actor | Soldaten og Jenny

Poul Reichhardt was born on February 2, 1913 in Ganløse, Denmark as Poul David Reichhardt. He was an actor, known for Soldaten og Jenny (1947), Flagermusen (1966) and The Viking Watch of the Danish Seaman (1948). He was married to Charlotte Ernst, Margareta Fahlén and Lili Lani. He died on October ...

7. Trine Michelsen

Actress | Idioterne

Trine Michelsen was born on January 21, 1966 in Gentofte, Denmark as Katrine Michelsen. She was an actress, known for The Idiots (1998), Tentazione (1988) and The Girl in a Swing (1988). She died on January 17, 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

8. Hans Christian Andersen

Writer | The Red Shoes

H.C. Andersen was born in 1805. His father (Hans Andersen) was a poor shoemaker and his mother a washerwoman. The family did not have a permanent address until 1807. The family lived for the first time together at Munkemøllestræde. The father worked as an independent shoemaker, with a workshop in ...

9. Morten Grunwald

Actor | Fem mand og Rosa

Born in Odense, Denmark on December 9th, 1934, Morten Grunwald is "World famous in Denmark" for several popular film roles. Most famous, however, will always be his Benny in all of the "Olsen Banden" films, where he starred alongside Ove Sprogøe and Poul Bundgaard.

He attended Odense Theatrical ...

10. Birte Tove

Actress | Riget

Birte Tove was born on January 16, 1945 in Denmark as Birte Tove Sørensen. She was an actress, known for The Kingdom (1994), The Bamboo House of Dolls (1973) and Feng kuang da ben zei (1974). She was married to Ole Schächter. She died on February 6, 2016 in Denmark.

11. Ole Søltoft

Actor | Sangen om den røde rubin

Ole Søltoft was born on January 8, 1941 in Denmark. He was an actor. He was married to Ulla Asbjørn Andersen. He died on May 9, 1999 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

12. Baard Owe

Actor | Hodejegerne

Baard Owe was born on July 3, 1936 in Mosjøen, Norway as Baard Arne Owe. He was an actor and director, known for Headhunters (2011), Sea Dragon (1990) and The Kingdom (1994). He was married to Marie-Louise Coninck. He died on November 11, 2017 in Denmark.

13. Jens Okking

Actor | Strømer

Jens Okking was born on December 18, 1939 in Copenhagen, Denmark as Jens Dyhr Okking. He was an actor and writer, known for Cop (1976), One Hand Clapping (2001) and 19 Red Roses (1974). He was married to Anette Walther. He died on January 21, 2018 in Copenhagen.

14. Dick Emery

Actor | Yellow Submarine

In the 1960s and 1970s, Dick Emery was one of the most successful comics on the box. He was voted BBC TV Personality of the Year, thanks to creations such as his toothy vicar, sex-starved spinster Hettie, crusty old Lampwick, outrageously camp Clarence, who coined the phrase: "Hallo honky tonks". ...

15. Paul Hagen

Actor | Soldaterkammerater

Paul Hagen was one the most famous Danish actors after the Second World War. He was born on 19th of March 1920 in Copenhagen. His father was painter named Åge Falck Rasmussen, his mother was an opera singer named Anna Hagen. Hagen was accepted into Frederiksberg's theatre school in 1944. He ...

16. Karl Stegger

Actor | Flagermusen

Karl Stegger was one of the greatest Danish actors. Karl Stegger was born: Carl Johan Stegger Sørensen. He later replaced the "c" in his first name with a "k" to further his acting-career. He was born in Aarhus on the January 11th 1911. Stegger was educated at Aarhus theatre, where he was hired as ...

17. Mimi Heinrich

Actress | Reptilicus

Mimi Heinrich was born on November 1, 1936 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was an actress, known for Reptilicus (1961), Journey to the Seventh Planet (1962) and Soldaterkammerater rykker ud (1959). She died on May 31, 2017 in Ramløse, Denmark.

18. Henning Moritzen

Actor | Festen

Henning Moritzen is a well-known Danish screen and stage actor. Born in Tårbæk near Copenhagen and with a secondary school degree from Grønnevangsskolen in Ordrup, Henning Mortizen was educated as an actor at Privatteatrenes Elevskole. Since the early 1950s he has been a stage actor with countless ...

19. Ib Mossin

Actor | Kampen om Næsbygård

Ib Mossin was born on July 3, 1933 in Denmark. He was an actor and director, known for The Battle for Naesbygaard (1964), The Torndal Cousins (1973) and Storm Warning (1968). He was married to Anne-Marie Juhl. He died on December 21, 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

20. Grace Moore

Actress | One Night of Love

Grace Moore, the internationally famous star of the Metropolitan Opera, Broadway, motion pictures, radio and recordings, was born December 5, 1898, in Del Río near Newport, Tennessee. Her family moved to Jellico when she was a young girl. She attended Jellico High School where she was captain of ...

21. Max Hansen

Actor | Sköna Helena

Max Hansen was born in Mannheim, Germany, but was raised by his step parents in Munich. His mother was a Danish Actress, Eva Haller, his father's name was von Waldheim. In his school days, he already sang at the Opera House, so he earned the nickname "The Little Caruso" ("Der kleine Caruso"). Later...

22. Nini Theilade

Actress | A Midsummer Night's Dream

Nini Theilade was born on June 15, 1915 in Poerwokerto, Banjoemas, Dutch East Indies as Nini Arlette Theilade. She is known for her work on A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935), The Song to Her (1934) and The Big Bluff (1933). She was married to Arne Buchter-Larsen and Peter Loopuyt. She died on ...

23. Gabriel Axel

Director | Babettes gæstebud

Gabriel Axel was born on April 18, 1918 in Århus, Denmark as Gabriel Axel Mørch. He was a director, known for Babette's Feast (1987), Hagbard and Signe (1967) and Christian (1989). He was married to Lucie Axel Moerch. He died on February 9, 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

24. Helle Virkner

Actress | Blinkende lygter

Helle Virkner was born on September 15, 1925 in Århus, Denmark as Helle Genie Lotinga. She was an actress, known for Flickering Lights (2000), Den kære familie (1962) and Huset på Christianshavn (1970). She was married to Jens Otto Krag, Ebbe Rode and William Rosenberg. She died on June...

25. Ebbe Langberg

Director | Tre små piger

Danish actor Ebbe Langberg was the son of actor Sigurd Langberg and actress Karna Loewenstein-Jensen. He started his carrier as a child actor in the theater, and later had his first film debut in the movie "Ditte menneskebarn" in 1946. He studied theater in London from 1950-1951, and continued his ...

26. Asta Nielsen

Actress | Hamlet

Danish leading woman of German films who became one of the greatest stars of the silent era. A native of the Copenhagen suburb of Vesterbro, Nielsen was the daughter of a coppersmith and a washerwoman, both of whom died before Nielsen was fifteen. Her stage debut came as a child in the chorus of ...

27. Carl Brisson

Actor | Murder at the Vanities

Carl Brisson was born on December 24, 1893 in Copenhagen, Denmark as Carl Frederik Ejnar Pedersen. He was an actor, known for Murder at the Vanities (1934), The Ring (1927) and The Manxman (1929). He was married to Cleo Willard Brisson. He died on September 26, 1958 in Copenhagen.

28. Werner Hedman

Director | I Tvillingernes tegn

Werner Hedman was born on April 6, 1926 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was a cinematographer and production manager. He was married to Anne-Katrine Garde. He died on July 26, 2005 in Copenhagen.

29. Ole Thestrup

Actor | Blinkende lygter

Ole Thestrup was born on March 12, 1948 in Nibe, Denmark. He is known for his work on Flickering Lights (2000), Adam's Apples (2005) and The Green Butchers (2003). He was married to Hanne Marie Knudsen. He died on February 2, 2018 in Tuse Næs, Denmark.

30. Mira Wanting

Actress | L'auberge espagnole

Mira Wanting was born on April 19, 1978 in Denmark as Mira Herfort Wanting. She was an actress, known for L'auberge espagnole (2002), Anja & Viktor - Flaming Love (2007) and Love at First Hiccough (1999). She died on December 22, 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

31. Kirsten Walther

Actress | Olsen-banden på sporet

Kirsten Walther was born on August 31, 1933 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was an actress, known for The Olsen Gang on the Track (1975), Huset på Christianshavn (1970) and Min kones ferie (1967). She was married to Palle Wolfsberg. She died on February 19, 1987 in Søllerød, Denmark.

32. Preben Kaas

Actor | Olsen-banden på spanden

Preben Kaas was born on March 30, 1930 in Aalborg, Denmark. He was an actor and writer, known for The Olsen Gang in a Fix (1969), Going for Broke (1977) and Det drejer sig om - (1967). He was married to Lisbet Dahl, Anne Mari Lie, Ulla Larsen and Bodil Nymark Nielsen. He died on March 27, 1981 in ...

33. Birgitte Federspiel

Actress | Babettes gæstebud

Birgitte Federspiel was born on September 6, 1925 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was an actress, known for Babette's Feast (1987), En fremmed banker på (1959) and The Musketeers (1961). She was married to Freddy Koch, Henning Ahrensborg and Jens Østerholm. She died on February 2, 2005 in Odense,...

34. John Hilbard

Writer | Sømænd på sengekanten

John Hilbard was born on May 14, 1923 in Køge, Denmark as John Hilbert Larsen. He was a writer and director. He died on March 10, 2001 in Denmark.

35. Carl Ottosen

Actor | Reptilicus

Carl Ottosen was born on July 18, 1918 in Asminderød, Denmark as Carl Ernst Ottosen. He was an actor and writer, known for Reptilicus (1961), Soldaterkammerater på bjørnetjeneste (1968) and Journey to the Seventh Planet (1962). He was married to Hanne Thuris and Tove Maës. He died on ...

36. Poul Bundgaard

Actor | Hærværk

Poul Bundgaard was born on October 27, 1922 in Hellerup, Denmark as Poul Arne Bundgaard. He was an actor, known for Havoc (1977), Strike First Freddy (1965) and The Olsen Gang - Final Mission (1998). He was married to Kirsten Pedersen and Kjær, Bente Elisabeth. He died on June 3, 1998 in Gentofte, ...

37. Axel Strøbye

Actor | Gertrud

Strøbye was most famous for his comedy roles, as the confused uncle in Min søsters børn (My sisters Children) and the hustler Gyldenkål in Familien Gyldenkål (The Goldcabbage Family).

But his biggest role and success was in Matador the TV series a lawyer Skjold Hansen, he started his acting career ...

38. Erik Balling

Director | Adam og Eva

Erik Balling was one of the most beloved Danish filmmaker in the 20th century. Balling was a director, a producer and a writer. Erik Balling was mostly famous for creating such TV epics as "Matador" and "Huset På Christianshavn" and the film-series of "Olsen banden". Erik Balling was born the 19th ...

39. Niels Bohr

Self | Niels Bohr

Niels Bohr was born on October 7, 1885 in Copenhagen, Denmark as Niels Henrik David Bohr. He was married to Margrethe Norlund. He died on November 18, 1962 in Copenhagen.

40. Birger Larsen

Director | Lad isbjørnene danse

Birger Larsen was born on December 22, 1961 in Denmark. He was a director and writer, known for Dance of the Polar Bears (1990), Den 5:e kvinnan (2002) and SuperBrother (2009). He died on October 26, 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

41. Karen Blixen

Writer | Out of Africa

Karen Blixen was born on April 17, 1885 in Rungsted, Denmark as Karen Christentze Dinesen. She was a writer, known for Out of Africa (1985), Ringen and Babette's Feast (1987). She was married to Bror Frederik von Blixen-Finecke. She died on September 7, 1962 in Rungsted.

42. Arthur Jensen

Actor | Huset på Christianshavn

Arthur Jensen was born on November 9, 1897 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was an actor, known for Huset på Christianshavn (1970), Matador (1978) and Tretten Aar (1932). He died on November 28, 1981 in Gentofte, Denmark.

43. Carl Schenstrøm

Actor | Ulvejægerne

Carl Schenstrøm was born on November 13, 1881 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was an actor and director, known for Ulvejægerne (1926), Højt paa en kvist (1929) and The Lodgers of the seventh heaven (1923). He died on April 10, 1942 in Copenhagen.

44. Birgitte Price

Actress | Far til fire

Birgitte Price was born on April 29, 1934 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was an actress, known for Father of Four (1953), Far til fire i byen (1956) and Far til fire og ulveungerne (1958). She was married to John Price. She died on July 17, 1997 in Denmark.

45. Peter Malberg

Actor | Ingen tid til kærtegn

Peter Malberg was born on September 21, 1887 in Aarhus, Denmark. He was an actor, known for Be Dear to Me (1957), Vor fælles Ven (1921) and Bolette's Bridal Shower (1938). He died on June 23, 1965 in Denmark.

46. Ole Ernst

Actor | Flugten

Ole Ernst graduated from Odense Teater in 1967 where shortly afterwards he was hired as a stage-actor. Ernst had his debut playing Chino in Westside Story (1965). In 1969 he jumped from Odense Teater to Det Kongelige Teater where he continued stage-acting until 1976. Ernst performed in a lot of ...

47. Elsie Albiin

Actress | Brott och straff

Elsie Albiin was born on December 17, 1921 in Helsingborg, Skåne län, Sweden. She was an actress, known for Crime and Punishment (1945), The Bells in Old Town (1946) and Harald Handfaste (1946). She died on April 3, 2009 in Virum, Denmark.

48. Werner Heyking

Actor | Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Werner Heyking was born on June 14, 1913 in Denmark. He was an actor, known for Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971), Bloody Friday (1972) and Die Karte mit dem Luchskopf (1963). He died on October 10, 1974 in Denmark.

49. Bodil Kjer

Actress | Babettes gæstebud

Bodil Kjer was born on September 2, 1917 in Odense, Denmark as Bodil Valborg Karen Ellen Kjer. She was an actress, known for Babette's Feast (1987), Mød mig paa Cassiopeia (1951) and Soldaten og Jenny (1947). She was married to Frits Hinrichsen, Ebbe Rode and Olaf Nordgreen. She died on ...

50. Henning Carlsen

Director | Dilemma

Henning Carlsen was born on June 4, 1927 in Aalborg, Denmark. He was a director and writer, known for Dilemma (1962), People Meet and Sweet Music Fills the Heart (1967) and Hunger (1966). He was married to Else Heidary and Hjørdis Wirth Jensen. He died on May 30, 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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