Date of Death between 1979-01-01 and 1979-12-31 (Sorted by Birth Date Ascending)

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1. Will Mastin

Self | The Steve Allen Show

Will Mastin was born on June 20, 1877 in Huntsville, Alabama, USA as William Mastin. He was married to Virgie Leola Richard. He died on March 14, 1979 in Hollywood, California, USA.

2. Will Maston

Actor | Sweet and Low

Will Maston was born on June 20, 1878 in Alabama, USA. He was an actor, known for Sweet and Low (1947), The Colgate Comedy Hour (1950) and The Ed Sullivan Show (1948). He died on March 14, 1979 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

3. Stanislav Lyudkevich

Self | Zhyvy, Ukraino!

Stanislav Lyudkevich was born on January 24, 1879 in Jaroslaw, Podkarpackie, Poland. He died on September 10, 1979 in Lvov, Ukrainian SSR, USSR.

4. Eleanor Robson Belmont

Writer | The Case of the Black Parrot

Eleanor Robson Belmont was born on December 13, 1879 in Wigan, Lancashire, England as Eleanor Elise Robson. She was a writer and actress, known for The Case of the Black Parrot (1941), In the Next Room (1930) and A Gentleman of France (1905). She was married to August Belmont Jr.. She died on ...

5. Gabrielle Dorziat

Actress | Patricia

Gabrielle Dorziat was born on January 15, 1880 in Épernay, Marne, France as Marie Odile Léonie Gabrielle Sigrist. She was an actress, known for Patricia (1942), Samson (1936) and Ruy Blas (1948). She was married to Michel de Zogheb. She died on November 30, 1979 in Biarritz, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, ...

6. Winifred Davis

Actress | Spellbound

Winifred Davis was born on November 12, 1880 in Edmonton, Middlesex, England as Ada Winifred Davis. She was an actress, known for The Spell of Amy Nugent (1941). She died on April 26, 1979 in Shootash, Hampshire, England.

8. Katherine Kenworthy

Actress | Wyoming Outlaw

Katherine Kenworthy was born on April 22, 1882 in Michigan, USA as Gertrude Katherine Kenworthy. She was an actress, known for Wyoming Outlaw (1939). She died on April 16, 1979 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

9. Fred A. Ritter

Art Director | The Crimson Ghost

Art director who worked exclusively for Republic Pictures. His most notable film was the Orson Welles "Macbeth", based on Shakespeare's play.

10. Virginia Brissac

Actress | Rebel Without a Cause

Virginia Brissac was born on June 11, 1883 in San Jose, California, USA. She was an actress, known for Rebel Without a Cause (1955), The Scarlet Clue (1945) and Executive Suite (1954). She was married to John Griffith Wray and Eugene D. Mockbee. She died on July 26, 1979 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, ...

11. Frederick Taylor

Frederick Taylor was born on June 23, 1883 in Tara, Ontario, Canada as Frederick Wellington Taylor. He died on January 10, 1979.

12. Gus Cannon

Soundtrack | Forrest Gump

Gus Cannon was born on September 12, 1883 in Red Banks, Mississippi, USA. He died on October 15, 1979 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

13. Ivy Troutman

Actress | The House with Nobody in It

Ivy Troutman was born on September 23, 1883 in Long Branch, New Jersey, USA. She was an actress, known for The House with Nobody in It (1915). She was married to Waldo Peirce (artist). She died on January 12, 1979 in Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

14. Olive Templeton

Actress | Damaged Goods

Olive Templeton was born on October 19, 1883 as Olive MacMackin. She was an actress, known for Damaged Goods (1914), East Side/West Side (1963) and An Innocent Thief (1915). She was married to John L. Flannery. She died on May 29, 1979 in New York City, New York, USA.

15. Grace Hubbard Fortescue

Grace Hubbard Fortescue was born on November 3, 1883 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA as Grace Hubbard Bell. She died in 1979.

16. Cyrus Eaton

Self | The Mike Wallace Interview

Canadian-born Cyrus Eaton was one of America's most successful industrialists, who helped build up the gas and oil industries but who later grew somewhat critical of the capitalist system, and especially its attitude towards and treatment of organized labor.

Born in the small Nova Scotia town of ...

17. Henri de Livry

Actor | Lettres d'amour

Henri de Livry was born on February 24, 1884 in Paris, France as Henri Louis Sanguin de Livry. He was an actor, known for Lettres d'amour (1942), Mon coeur et ses millions (1931) and Un homme en habit (1931). He died on October 25, 1979 in Montfermeil, Seine-Saint-Denis, France.

18. Hilda Barry

Actress | Carry on Loving

Born Hilda Gentle on June 9, 1884, in Edmonton, London, England, Hilda Barry was a very active British character actress who had a very long and extensive career as well in comedies as in dramas. She appeared in over 150 roles on stage, on the big screen and on television. She died on Tuesday, May ...

19. Alexandra Tolstoy

Actress | Martin the Cobbler

Countess Alexandra Lvovna Tolstoy (Aleksandra Tolstaya) was the youngest daughter of the famous Russian writer Count Leo Tolstoy. She was born in 1884, in Yasnaya Polyana, the ancestral estate of the Tolstoy family. Her mother, named Sofia Andreevna Bers, was the literary secretary for Leo Tolstoy,...

22. Guy Bolton

Writer | The Love Parade

Became a US citizen in 1956.

23. Jozka Vanerová

Actress | Babicka

Jozka Vanerová was born on March 19, 1885 in Prague, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary as Josefa Wannerová. She was an actress, known for Babicka (1922), Don't Say No, Girl (1932) and Naceradec, King of Kibitzer (1931). She died on September 27, 1979 in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

24. Charles Knight

Actor | Pals of the Saddle

Charles Knight was born on March 23, 1885 in London, England as Charles William Knight. He was an actor, known for Pals of the Saddle (1938), Who Done It? (1949) and The Hot Scots (1948). He died on January 24, 1979 in Panorama, California, USA.

25. Jullan Kindahl

Actress | Smultronstället

Jullan Kindahl was born on April 12, 1885 in Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden as Julia Carolina Kindahl. She was an actress, known for Wild Strawberries (1957), Smiles of a Summer Night (1955) and Arvtagerskan (1962). She died on April 18, 1979 in Malmö, Skåne län, Sweden.

26. Iris Hoey

Actress | Tense Moments with Great Authors

Iris Hoey was born on July 17, 1885 in Bloomsbury, London, England as Iris Wilhelmina Winifred Hasbach. She was an actress, known for Tense Moments with Great Authors (1922), Those Were the Days (1934) and Just William (1940). She was married to Cyril Raymond and Max Leeds. She died on May 13, 1979...

29. Juliet Brenon

Actress | A Kiss for Cinderella

Juliet Brenon was born on September 1, 1885. She was an actress, known for A Kiss for Cinderella (1925), The Eternal Sin (1917) and The Lone Wolf (1917). She was married to Cleon Throckmorton. She died on November 18, 1979 in The Bronx, New York, USA.

30. H.R. Macy

Actor | The Squaw Man

H.R. Macy was born on October 19, 1885 in Illinois, USA. He was an actor, known for The Squaw Man (1914) and Tess of the Storm Country (1914). He died on June 7, 1979 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

33. Charlotte Mineau

Actress | Sparrows

Tall, statuesque Parisian actress, trained at the Sorbonne. Brunette Charlotte Mineau, known locally as "Lottie", was the daughter of a police officer who tragically drowned when she was all of two months old. As a youngster, she displayed a free spirit and moved around a lot, finding employment ...

34. Paul Amiot

Actor | Le cercle rouge

Paul Amiot was born on March 29, 1886 in Paris, France as Paul Henri Amiot. He was an actor, known for Le Cercle Rouge (1970), Madame Sans-Gêne (1941) and Ruy Blas (1948). He died on January 26, 1979 in Paris.

36. Marie Nordstrom

Actress | Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Marie Nordstrom was born on April 12, 1886 in Fort Apache, Arizona, USA as Marie Ursula Nordstrom. She was an actress, known for Hear Ye! Hear Ye! (1934) and Watch the Birdie (1935). She was married to Henry E. Dixey. She died in September 1979 in Southbury, Connecticut, USA.

38. Margrethe Løve

Actress | I sidste Sekund

Margrethe Løve was born on June 10, 1886 in Trørød, Denmark. She was an actress, known for I sidste Sekund (1913). She died on November 9, 1979.

39. Sam Taub

Actor | The Notorious Elinor Lee

Sam Taub was born on September 10, 1886 in New York City, New York, USA. He was an actor, known for The Notorious Elinor Lee (1940), Shikat vs. Lewis Wrestling Match (1932) and Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956). He died on July 10, 1979 in New York City.

40. Edna Earle

Actress | The Studio Girl

Edna Earle was born on September 26, 1886 in McPherson, Kansas, USA. She was an actress, known for The Studio Girl (1918), How Could You, Caroline? (1918) and The Eagle (1918). She died on March 3, 1979 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

41. Anne Ives

Actress | The Producers

Anne Ives was born on November 30, 1886 in Providence, Rhode Island, USA as Anne Florinda Ives. She was an actress, known for The Producers (1967), The Reincarnation of Peter Proud (1975) and The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre (1948). She died on May 15, 1979 in New York City, New York, USA.

42. Charles L. Seeger

Writer | The Foolish Frog

From 1912 to 1919, Seeger was a professor at the University of California, becoming the first head of the music department there in 1916. Shortly before Peter was born, he was fired from his position at the university because of his outspoken opposition to World War I.

43. John Cromwell

Director | The Prisoner of Zenda

Actor / director John Cromwell was born December 23, 1887, in Toledo, OH. He made his Broadway debut on October 14, 1912, in Marian De Forest's adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women" at the Playhouse Theatre. The show was a hit, running for a total of 184 performances. Cromwell appeared ...

44. Violet Haggar

Actress | The Life of Charles Peace

Violet Haggar was born on March 16, 1887 in Poole, Dorset, England. She was an actress, known for The Life of Charles Peace (1905) and The Red Barn Mystery (1908). She was married to Cyril Sydney Yorke. She died on March 21, 1979 in Truro, Cornwall, England.

45. Harry Sinclair Drago

Writer | The King of the Kongo

President Dwight David Eisenhower once told an interviewer that his two favorite authors were Bliss Lomax and Will Ermine. Both Bliss Lomax and Will Ermine were pen names used by Harry Drago on many of his western novels.

46. Gertrude Kaye

Actress | Dr. Finlay's Casebook

Gertrude Kaye was born on May 2, 1887 in Chatburn, Lancashire, England as Gertrude Victoria Robinson. She was an actress, known for Dr. Finlay's Casebook (1962), Q6 (1969) and The Doctors (1969). She was married to Darroll Richards and Robert Richard Kay. She died in 1979 in Richmond, Surrey, ...

47. Rae Samuels

Actress | The Forward Pass

Rae Samuels was born on May 3, 1887 in Youngstown, Ohio, USA as Rachel May Samuels. She was an actress, known for The Forward Pass (1929) and The Big Benefit (1933). She was married to Martin Leo Forkins. She died on October 24, 1979 in New York, New York, USA.

48. Andrew Dasburg

Self | Reds

Andrew Dasburg was born on May 4, 1887 in Paris, France. He died on August 13, 1979 in Taos, New Mexico, USA.

49. Christian Gottschalch

Actor | Cocktail

Christian Gottschalch was born on May 20, 1887 in Thisted, Denmark as Christian Viggo Gottschalch. He was an actor, known for Cocktail (1937), Han, hun og Hamlet (1922) and Once There Was a War (1966). He was married to Henny Dehn and Ellen Gottschalch. He died on May 22, 1979 in Denmark.

50. Mabel Taliaferro

Actress | A Wife by Proxy

Mabel Taliaferro was born on May 21, 1887 in New York City, New York, USA as Maybelle Evelyn Taliaferro. She was an actress, known for A Wife by Proxy (1917), Cinderella (1912) and Alexander Hamilton (1924). She was married to Robert Ober, Joseph O'Brien, Thomas Carrigan and Frederick W. Thompson (...

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