Date of Death between 1944-01-01 and 1944-12-31 (Sorted by Birth Date Ascending)

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2. Durward Lely

Actor | Rob Roy

Durward Lely was born James Durward Lyall and studied singing in Milan. He made his stage debut, under the Italianate name of 'Signor Leli', in 1878 as Don Jose in Carmen with the Mapleson Opera Company. After two years on tour with Mapleson, he joined the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company as a tenor ...

3. Louis N. Parker

Writer | Drake of England

British dramatist, composer and pageant master Louis Napoleon Parker was born in Calvados, France, in 1852. His father, Charles Albert Parker, was a well-to-do American lawyer, a son of Isaac Parker, chief justice of Massachusetts. At the age of 39, in 1840, Charles left America with his much ...

4. Kate Mayhew

Actress | Hazel Kirke

Kate Mayhew was born on September 2, 1853 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. She was an actress, known for Hazel Kirke (1916), Tongues of Flame (1924) and Baseball's Peerless Leader (1913). She died on June 16, 1944 in New York City, New York, USA.

5. Hugo Thimig

Actor | Geld auf der Straße

Hugo Thimig was born on June 16, 1854 in Dresden, Kingdom of Saxony. He was an actor, known for Geld auf der Straße (1930), Velbloud uchem jehly (1926) and Das verbotene Land (1924). He was married to Franziska Hummel. He died on September 24, 1944 in Vienna, Austria.

6. Frances Turner

Actress | The Price of Big Bob's Silence

Frances Turner was born on June 10, 1856 in New York City, New York, USA as Frances Louise Bowles. She was an actress, known for The Price of Big Bob's Silence (1912). She was married to William Turner. She died on February 8, 1944 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

8. Princess Henry of Battenberg

Self | Pathé's Weekly, No. 1

Princess Henry of Battenberg was born on April 14, 1857 in Buckingham Palace, Westminster, London, England as Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha. She was married to Prince Henry of Battenberg. She died on October 26, 1944 in Balcombe, West Sussex, England.

11. Ferdinand Gottschalk

Actor | Berkeley Square

Ferdinand Gottschalk was born on February 28, 1858 in London, England. He was an actor, known for Berkeley Square (1933), Les Misérables (1935) and I Am a Thief (1934). He died on November 10, 1944 in London.

12. Ethel Smyth

Actress | Caught

Ethel Smyth was born on April 23, 1858 in Sidcup, Kent, England as Ethel Mary Smyth. She is known for her work on Caught (1987), Shoulder to Shoulder (1974) and A Skirt Through History (1994). She died on May 8, 1944 in Woking, Surrey, England.

13. William Wandahl

Actor | Et Justitsmord

William Wandahl was born on August 7, 1859 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was an actor, known for Et Justitsmord (1915). He died on February 3, 1944.

15. Conrad Dreher

Actor | Der kleine Muck

Conrad Dreher was born on October 30, 1859 in Munich, Germany. He was an actor and writer, known for Der kleine Muck (1921), Der Mann mit dem Affenkopf (1920) and In der Sommerfrisch'n (1920). He died on December 6, 1944.

16. Cardinal William O'Connell

Self | Cavalcade of Faith

Cardinal William O'Connell was born on December 8, 1859 in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA as William Henry O'Connell. He was a producer, known for Cavalcade of Faith (1941), Monastery (1938) and Pathé's Weekly, No. 7 (1912). He died on April 22, 1944 in Boston, Massachusetts.

18. Henrietta Crosman

Actress | Charlie Chan's Secret

Henrietta Crosman was born on September 2, 1861 in Wheeling, West Virginia, USA as Henrietta Foster Crosman. She was an actress, known for Charlie Chan's Secret (1936), The Right to Live (1935) and The Royal Family of Broadway (1930). She was married to Maurice Campbell and Sedley Brown. She died ...

19. Aristide Maillol

Self | Aristide Maillol, sculpteur

Aristide Maillol was born on December 8, 1861 in Banyuls-sur-Mer, Pyrénées-Orientales, France. He was married to Clotilde Narcisse. He died on September 27, 1944 in Banyuls-sur-Mer.

20. Pehr Evind Svinhufvud

Self | Suomi kutsuu II - Lounais-Suomi

Pehr Evind Svinhufvud was born on December 15, 1861 as Pehr Evind Svinhufvud af Qvalstad. He died on February 29, 1944 in Luumäki, Finland.

21. Paul Wiecke

Actor | Der galante König - August der Starke

Paul Wiecke was born on October 30, 1862 in Elberfeld, Germany as Wilhelm Ferdinand Paul Wiecke. He was an actor, known for Der galante König - August der Starke (1920). He died on December 18, 1944 in Blankenburg, Germany.

23. William McClain

Gone with the Wind

William McClain was born on May 11, 1863 in Clarksdale, Mississippi, USA. He was an actor, known for Gone with the Wind (1939), Tim Tyler's Luck (1937) and The Song of a Nation (1936). He died on September 28, 1944 in Sherman Oaks, California, USA.

24. John Martin Harvey

Actor | The Only Way

When one thinks of the great English actors who have been knighted, one thinks of Henry Irving, the greatest actor of the middle-to-late Victorian period who became the first thespian to have a sovereign's sword patted on both shoulders in 1895, or the likes of

Laurence Olivier(acclaimed as the ...

25. Henry Roser

The Kid

Henry Roser was born on October 27, 1863 in Missouri, USA. He was an actor, known for The Kid (1921). He died on September 22, 1944 in Kansas, USA.

26. Harry Beresford

Actor | Seven Keys to Baldpate

Harry Beresford was born on November 4, 1863 in London, England as Henry William Walter Horseley Beresford. He was an actor and writer, known for Seven Keys to Baldpate (1935), Anna Karenina (1935) and David Copperfield (1935). He was married to Edith Wylie (actress). He died on October 4, 1944 in ...

27. Arthur Quiller-Couch

Writer | True Tilda

Also used the pen-name "Q".

28. Edvard Munch

Art Department | Aale Tynni tarinain lähteellä

Edvard Munch was born on December 12, 1863 in Løten, Hedmark, Norway. He is known for his work on Aale Tynni tarinain lähteellä (1987), Let the Scream Be Heard (2013) and Rediscovering the Image (1965). He died on January 23, 1944 in Ekely in Oslo, Norway.

29. Buck McKee

Actor | The Ropin' Fool

Buck McKee was born on April 20, 1864 in Claremore, Oklahoma, USA. He was an actor, known for The Ropin' Fool (1922). He died on March 1, 1944 in Roseville, California, USA.

32. Edith Ellison

If I Had a Million

Edith Ellison was born on October 31, 1864 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. She was an actress, known for If I Had a Million (1932), Ladies of Leisure (1930) and The White Angel (1936). She died on July 29, 1944 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

33. William Collier Sr.

Actor | Cain and Mabel

William Collier Sr. was born on November 12, 1864 in New York City, New York, USA as William Morenus. He was an actor and writer, known for Cain and Mabel (1936), A Successful Failure (1934) and Madison Square Garden (1932). He was married to Paula Marr (actress) and Louise Allen. He died on ...

34. Yvette Guilbert

Actress | Faust: Eine deutsche Volkssage

Yvette Guilbert was born on January 20, 1865 in Paris, France. She was an actress, known for Faust (1926), Iceland Fisherman (1934) and The Two Orphans (1933). She was married to Max Schiller. She died on February 3, 1944 in Aix-en-Provence, Bouches-du-Rhône, France.

36. George Nash

Actor | The Jungle

George Nash was born on July 1, 1865 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA as George Frederick Nash. He was an actor, known for The Jungle (1914), Yorktown (1924) and The Great Gatsby (1926). He was married to Julia Hay. He died on December 30, 1944 in Amityville, Long Island, New York, USA.

37. Victoria Petersen

Actress | Enken

Victoria Petersen was born on July 2, 1865 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was an actress, known for Enken (1915), Sparekassebogen (1911) and Manicuredamen med det store Hjærte (1911). She died on January 12, 1944.

38. Georges Denola

Director | Le secret de la comtesse

Georges Denola was born on August 19, 1865 in Paris, France as Georges Samson Denola. He was a director and assistant director, known for Le secret de la comtesse (1917), Rocambole (1914) and La joueuse d'orgue (1916). He died on March 3, 1944 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Hauts-de-Seine, France.

39. Harold Entwistle

Actor | The Divorcee

Harold Entwistle was born on September 5, 1865 in London, England as Charles H. Entwhistle. He was an actor and director, known for The Divorcee (1919), Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (1914) and Salomy Jane (1914). He was married to Jane Ross. He died on April 1, 1944 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, ...

40. Frank Finch Smiles

Actor | The Last of Mrs. Cheyney

Frank Finch Smiles was born on September 17, 1865 in Ramsgate, Kent, England as Francis Augustine Finch-Smiles. He was an actor, known for The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1929), The Doctor's Secret (1929) and The Lost World (1925). He was married to Hannah Emilene Healey-Picard. He died on April 14, 1944...

42. Max Halbe

Writer | Jugend

Franz Mehring, the principal spokesman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany on culture, warmly welcomed Jugend and referred to Halbe, along with Gerhardt Hauptmann, as "one of the princes of Genius land." In 1917 an operatic version of Jugend, composed by Ignatz Waghalter, was premiered in ...

43. Aubrey Beattie

Actor | Hedda Gabler

Aubrey Beattie was born on October 8, 1865 in Nova Scotia, Canada. He was an actor, known for Hedda Gabler (1917), The Greater Woman (1917) and Mrs. Balfame (1917). He died on December 22, 1944 in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

44. Jean Coquelin

Actor | L'abbé Constantin

Jean Coquelin was born on December 1, 1865 in Paris, France. He was an actor, known for L'abbé Constantin (1925), Let's Make a Dream (1936) and Café de Paris (1938). He was married to 'Blanche Miroir' and Louise Didès. He died on October 1, 1944 in Couilly-Pont-aux-Dames, ...

45. Paul Oskar Höcker

Writer | Der Gefangene

He was the father of writer and musician Karla Höcker (1901-1992).

46. Romain Rolland

Writer | Xiang gui chun qing

Was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1915.

47. George Ade

Writer | Freshman Love

American writer, newspaper columnist, and playwright George Ade was first and foremost a self described Hoosier. Ade was born in Kentland, Indiana, one of seven children raised by John and Adaline Ade. While attending Purdue University, he met and started a lifelong friendship with cartoonist and ...

48. Price Weir

Actor | What Happened to Jean

Price Weir was born on April 23, 1866 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia as Stanley Price Weir. He was an actor, known for What Happened to Jean (1918). He died on November 14, 1944 in Adelaide.

49. Charles B. Davenport

Charles B. Davenport was born on June 1, 1866 in Stamford, Connecticut, USA as Charles Benedict Davenport. He was married to Gertrude Crotty. He died on February 18, 1944 in Cold Spring Harbor, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York, USA.

50. Mattie Edwards

Actress | Within Our Gates

Mattie Edwards was born on June 2, 1866 in New York, USA as Martha Burns. She was an actress, known for Within Our Gates (1920), Give Us This Night (1936) and The Brute (1920). She was married to Edward Settle. She died on June 25, 1944 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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