Date of Death between 1944-01-01 and 1944-12-31 (Sorted by Name Ascending)

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1. A. Leo Stevens

Stunts | The Perils of Pauline

A. Leo Stevens was born in 1873. He is known for his work on The Perils of Pauline (1914), The Million Dollar Mystery (1914) and Saved by Airship (1913). He died in 1944.

2. A.B. Imeson

Actor | Dicky Monteith

A.B. Imeson was born on December 21, 1874 in Middlesborough, England as John Arthur Bangley Imeson. He was an actor and producer, known for Dicky Monteith (1922), Tense Moments from Opera (1922) and Bonnie Prince Charlie (1923). He was married to Ann Stephenson. He died on February 28, 1944 in ...

4. A.V. Fric

Actor | Proc se nesmejes

A.V. Fric was born on September 8, 1882 in Prague, Cechy, Austria-Hungary. He was an actor, known for Proc se nesmejes (1923) and Josef Kajetán Tyl (1926). He died on December 4, 1944 in Prague, Protektorát Cechy a Morava.

5. A.W. Sweatt

Angels with Dirty Faces

A.W. Sweatt was born in 1922 in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA as Albert Wayne Sweatt. He was an actor, known for Angels with Dirty Faces (1938), A Star Is Born (1937) and Boys Town (1938). He died on January 11, 1944.

6. Aage Hertel

Actor | Hamlet

Aage Hertel was born on October 17, 1873 in Denmark. He was an actor, known for Hamlet (1911), Manden med de ni Fingre V (1917) and Manden med de ni Fingre III (1916). He died on January 3, 1944 in Denmark.

7. Ada Guildford

Actress | The Mutiny of the Bounty

Ada Guildford was born on December 12, 1870 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia as Ada Maria Quin. She was an actress, known for The Mutiny of the Bounty (1916) and Angel of His Dreams (1912). She was married to Robert Caldwell Bishop, George Cross and William Julius Francis Mount. She died on ...

8. Ada Kosmowska

Actress | Huragan

Ada Kosmowska was born on December 19, 1871 in Warsaw, Poland, Russian Empire. She was an actress, known for Huragan (1928). She died on July 27, 1944 in Wieliczka, Malopolskie, Poland.

9. Adam von Trott zu Solz

Adam von Trott zu Solz was born on August 9, 1909 in Potsdam, Kingdom of Prussia [now Brandenburg], Germany as Friedrich Adam von Trott zu Solz. He was married to Clarita Tiefenbacher. He died on August 26, 1944 in Plötzensee, Berlin, Germany.

10. Adele Garavaglia

Actress | Il fu Mattia Pascal

Adele Garavaglia was born on April 15, 1869 in Turin, Piedmont, Italy as Adelaide Francesca Zoppis. She was an actress, known for Il fu Mattia Pascal (1937), Piccolo mondo antico (1941) and Pierpin (1936). She was married to Ferruccio Garavaglia. She died on March 11, 1944 in Rome, Lazio, Italy.

12. Adolf E. Licho

Actor | Kinder der Zeit

Adolf E. Licho was born on September 13, 1876 in Kremenchug, Poltava Governorate, Russian Empire as Adolf Edgar Licho. He was an actor and director, known for Kinder der Zeit (1922), Kaddisch (1924) and Tiefland (1923). He died on October 11, 1944 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

13. Adolf Wagner

Self | Triumph des Willens

Adolf Wagner was born on October 1, 1890 in Algringen, Lorraine, Germany. He was an actor, known for Triumph of the Will (1935). He died on April 12, 1944 in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

16. Aimee Semple McPherson

The Voice of Hollywood No. 9

Aimee Semple McPherson was born Aimee Elizabeth Kennedy on her family's farm near Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada. She was raised a Methodist, her father James's faith. Her mother Mildred worked for the Salvation Army.

In December 1907, she decided to attend a local "tent revival" on a whim, and fell in ...

17. Aino Ackté

Writer | Juha

Daughter, Glory Leppänen, born in 1901.

18. Aino Bergo

Actress | Thistledown

Aino Bergo was born on January 13, 1915 in Sweden as Aino Lill Alida Berga. She was an actress, known for Thistledown (1938) and Women's Paradise (1936). She died on July 2, 1944 in Kensington, London, England.

19. Al Smith

Al Smith died on October 4, 1944 in New York City, New York, USA.

20. Alan Dinehart

Actor | Supernatural

Tall, heavy-set character actor Alan Dinehart dropped out of school to join a repertory company. He had extensive stage experience (including some 27 appearances on Broadway) and, by the time he was signed by Fox in 1931, he had worked not only as an actor but as a stage manager and writer. On ...

21. Alan Paull

Sunnyside Up

Alan Paull was born on July 9, 1879 in Summerfield, Ohio, USA as Allen Howell Paull. He was an actor, known for Sunnyside Up (1929). He died on December 3, 1944 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

22. Alan Quinn

Actor | The Sporting Duchess

Alan Quinn was born in 1889 as Alan Jordan Quinn. He was an actor, known for The Sporting Duchess (1915), The Climbers (1915) and The Great Ruby (1915). He died on January 23, 1944 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

24. Albert Ray

Director | West of Singapore

Albert Ray, born in New Rochelle, NY, attended Townsend Harris Hall and City College of New York. He spent summer vacations as a member of the Vitagraph stock company, on 14th St. in New York City. He appeared in summer stock in White Plains (NY), Florida and the Harlem Opera House in New York City...

27. Alejandro Nolla

Actor | Huella de luz

Alejandro Nolla was born in 1881 as Alejandro Nolla Roig. He was an actor, known for A Sight of Light (1943), El hombre que se quiso matar (1942) and Long Live Life (1934). He died on July 12, 1944 in Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

29. Aleksandra Peregonets

Actress | Aelita

Aleksandra Peregonets was born on November 15, 1895 in Kuznetsk, Penza Governorate, Russian Empire as Aleksandra Fyodorovna Peregonets. She was an actress, known for Aelita: Queen of Mars (1924). She died on April 10, 1944 in Simferopol, Russian SFSR, USSR.

31. Alfonso Parra

Actor | Conspiración

Alfonso Parra was born on December 31, 1885 in Mexico, D.F., Mexico as Alfonso Parra Estrella. He was an actor, known for Conspiración (1927), Monja casada, virgen y mártir (1935) and Beautiful Sky (1936). He was married to Cncepción Garcia. He died on November 30, 1944 in Mexico.

32. Alfred E. Smith

Self | The Volcano

Legendary New York Democratic politician whose life began on the low end as a fish market worker and climaxed as a Presidential candidate. He was first elected to the New York State Assembly in 1903, becoming its Speaker in 1913. For a time, he was sheriff of New York County (1915-17) and president...

33. Alfred Kjøge

Actor | Under det sorte Flag

Alfred Kjøge was born on June 23, 1886 in Copenhagen, Denmark as Alfred Carl Kjøge. He was an actor, known for Under det sorte Flag (1913), Frelst fra Forbrydelsens Vej (1913) and Klør Dame (1918). He died on February 21, 1944.

35. Alice Wilson

Actress | What's Your Husband Doing?

Alice Wilson was born on June 14, 1887 in Offalan, Missouri, USA as Alice Rae. She was an actress, known for What's Your Husband Doing? (1920), La belle Russe (1919) and The Eyes of Julia Deep (1918). She was married to Tod Browning. She died on May 12, 1944 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

36. Aline Carola

Actress | Dernière aventure

Aline Carola was born on February 17, 1921 in Dunkerque, Nord, France as Aline Halzebartz. She was an actress, known for Dernière aventure (1942), Forte tête (1942) and Huit hommes dans un château (1942). She died on November 15, 1944 in Paris, France.

37. Allegretti Anderson

Actress | Georgia Rose

Allegretti Anderson was born on April 1, 1898 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Allegretti Summers. She was an actress, known for Georgia Rose (1930). She was married to Julian Kerby Anderson and Agaton H Magboo. She died on July 10, 1944 in Chicago.

38. Allen Watt

Director | His Breach of Promise

Allen Watt was born on April 4, 1885 in Pennsylvania, USA. He was a director and actor, known for His Breach of Promise (1920), The Marquis and Miss Sally (1918) and The Widow Dangerous (1918). He was married to Myrtle Gonzalez. He died on September 15, 1944 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

39. Amelia Chellini

Actress | Maciste

Amelia Chellini was born on June 16, 1880 in Florence, Tuscany, Italy as Amelia Creti. She was an actress, known for Marvelous Maciste (1915), Il cuore non invecchia (1913) and Il naufrago della vita (1915). She was married to Didaco Chellini. She died on May 31, 1944 in Rome, Lazio, Italy.

42. Anita Rothe

Actress | Her Sister

Anita Rothe was born in 1866 in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. She was an actress, known for Her Sister (1917) and The Fairy and the Waif (1915). She was married to James Kearney (actor). She died on January 9, 1944 in The Bronx, New York, USA.

43. Ann Brody

Actress | High Gear

Ann Brody was born on August 29, 1884 in Poland as Ann Brody Goldstein. She was an actress, known for High Gear (1933), A Fool and His Money (1920) and Playing Around (1930). She died on July 16, 1944 in New York City, New York, USA.

44. Anna Pírková

Actress | Batalion

Anna Pírková was born on June 19, 1892 in Prague, Austria-Hungary. She was an actress, known for Batalion (1927), Krizovatky (1922) and Milenky starého kriminálníka (1927). She died on December 3, 1944 in Prague, Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.

46. Antal Matány

Actor | Szíriusz

Antal Matány was born on July 18, 1890 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary. He was an actor, known for Szíriusz (1942), Arsene Lupin's Last Adventure (1921) and Szenzáció (1922). He was married to Böske Sándor. He died on December 11, 1944 in Budapest, Hungary.

48. Antero Suonio

Actor | SF-paraati

Antero Suonio was born on February 22, 1897 in Helsinki, Finland. He is known for his work on SF-paraati (1940), Tee työ ja opi pelaamaan (1936) and The Village Shoemakers (1923). He died on February 13, 1944.

49. Anthony Pilbeam

Went the Day Well?

Anthony Pilbeam was the younger brother of British teen star Nova Pilbeam. He followed her and their father Arnold into the acting profession, appearing in many small parts at the Theatre Royal Windsor in the early 1940s. He joined the Royal Air Force volunteer reserve and was killed on operations ...

50. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Writer | Le Petit Prince

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was born into a family of old provincial nobility. Failing his final exams at a preparatory school, he entered the École des Beaux-Arts to study architecture. In 1921, he began military service in the 2nd Regiment of Chasseurs, and sent to Strasbourg for pilot training. The...

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