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1. Ada St. Claire

Actress | Townies and Hayseeds

Ada St. Claire was an actress, known for Townies and Hayseeds (1923), The Runaway (1917) and Rudd's New Selection (1921). She was married to Frederick Cobb. She died on August 16, 1928 in Amityville, Long Island, New York, USA.

2. Adele Reuter-Eichberg

Actress | Rosenmontag

Adele Reuter-Eichberg was born in Germany. She was an actress, known for Love's Carnival (1924), Die Gezeichneten (1922) and Schlagende Wetter (1923). She died on October 4, 1928.

3. Albert Paul

Actor | Homunculus

Albert Paul was born on February 2, 1856 in Berlin, Germany. He was an actor and director, known for Homunculus (1916), Die Kaukasierin (1917) and Ganz ohne Krause (1918). He died on August 5, 1928 in Dresden, Germany.

4. Alberta Lee

Actress | The Birth of a Nation

Alberta Lee was born on March 21, 1860 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. She was an actress, known for The Birth of a Nation (1915), The Little Minister (1922) and The Little Orphans (1915). She was married to John T. Huntignton and William Davis. She died on November 12, 1928 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, ...

7. Alfred Bishop

Actor | The Brass Bottle

Alfred Bishop was born on February 7, 1848 in Liverpool, England. He was an actor, known for The Brass Bottle (1914), The Lifeguardsman (1916) and His Last Defence (1919). He was married to Rose Egan (actress). He died on May 22, 1928 in London, England.

8. Ali Riza

Actor | Bogazici esrari

Ali Riza was born in 1860. He was an actor, known for The Bosphorus Mystery (1922), Kiz Kulesinde bir facia (1923) and Leblebici horhor (1923). He died on December 19, 1928 in Istanbul, Turkey.

9. Allen Dale

Director | Redheads Preferred

Allen Dale was born in 1861 as Alfred J. Cohen. He was a director and actor, known for Redheads Preferred (1926), The Tired Business Man (1927) and The Princess from Hoboken (1927). He died on May 21, 1928 in England.

10. Amelia Vieira

Actress | Rainha Depois de Morta Inês de Castro

Amelia Vieira was born on February 17, 1850 in Lisbon, Portugal. She was an actress, known for Rainha Depois de Morta Inês de Castro (1910). She died on January 9, 1928.

11. André Boesnach

Director | Bet naar de Olympiade

André Boesnach was a director and writer, known for Bet to the Olympics (1928), Bet trekt de 100.000 (1926) and Bet zit in de penarie (1927). He died on April 3, 1928 in Schiedam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.

12. Andy MacLennan

Actor | The Blackbird

Andy MacLennan was born on January 11, 1884 in Canada as LeBaron Maclennan Hazel. He was an actor, known for The Blackbird (1926), The Show (1927) and The Greatest Menace (1923). He died on October 17, 1928 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

13. Anita Berber

Actress | Dida Ibsens Geschichte

Anita Berber was born on June 10, 1899 in Dresden, Germany. She was an actress, known for The Story of Dida Ibsen (1918), Around the World in 80 Days (1919) and Eerie Tales (1919). She was married to Henri Châtin Hofmann, Sebastian Droste and Eberhard von Nathusius. She died on November 10, 1928 in...

14. Anna Day Perry

Actress | Little Miss Fortune

Anna Day Perry was born in 1853. She was an actress, known for Little Miss Fortune (1917). She died on October 28, 1928 in Peak's Island, Maine, USA.

15. Anton Van Leer Ascher

Primal Screen

Anton Van Leer Ascher was born in 1868. He was an actor, known for Primal Screen (2017). He died on September 30, 1928 in New York City, New York, USA.

17. Apollon Uni

Actor | Mare Nostrum

Apollon Uni was born on January 28, 1862 as Louis Uni. He was an actor, known for Mare Nostrum (1926). He died on October 18, 1928.

18. Arnold Kent

Actor | Il processo Clémenceau

Italian actor who was brought to America as a young leading man, but died before living up to his promise. Born Lido Manetti, he studied civil engineering in his native Italy, but entered the theatre and then films subsequent to his schooling. After a number of Italian films, he was noticed by a ...

19. Arnold Rothstein

Self | In Search of History

Arnold Rothstein was born on January 17, 1882 in Manhattan, New York, USA. He was married to Mrs. Arnold Robinson. He died on November 6, 1928 in New York City, New York.

20. Arthur J. Lamb

Soundtrack | The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Composer, songwriter ("Asleep In the Deep"), lyricist, author and actor. He came to the USA in his youth, appearing in minstrel shows and joining the staff of music publishers. Joining ASCAP in 1942, his chief musical collaborators included Albert von Tilzer, Ernest Ball and 'Harry Von Tilzer', and...

21. Augustin MacHugh

Writer | Officer 666

Remembered for his hit play "Officer 666".

22. Avery Hopwood

Writer | The Bat Whispers

American playwright, many of whose plays were filmed. The leading light of early twentieth-century light comedy and farce and one of the most commercially successful playwrights of his era, Hopwood, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, graduated from the University of Michigan, which would later be the ...

24. Barry Pain

Writer | A Blind Bargain

English humorist and writer of supernatural fiction.

25. Barry Whitcomb

Actor | Eye for Eye

Barry Whitcomb was born in 1872 in Australia. He was an actor, known for Eye for Eye (1918), His Daughter Pays (1918) and The Battler (1919). He died on October 25, 1928 in New York City, New York, USA.

26. Basil King

Writer | Earthbound

William Benjamin King (a.k.a. Basil King) was a Canadian Episcopalian minister and author. He was born on 26, February, 1859 at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and received his education at St. Peter's School at Charlottetown and King's College in Windsor, Nova Scotia. He was ordained in 1884 ...

27. Basil Macdonald Hastings

Writer | That Sort

British author, journalist, and playwright. Before serving as drama critic for the London Daily Express, Hastings clerked in the British War Office and wrote stories and sketches for various newspapers and magazines including "The Bystander," for which he was assistant editor. He wrote a number of ...

28. Bela Sekely

The Man Who Laughs

Hungarian journalist who became a war correspondent for American newspapers before turning to Hollywood, where he worked for several film studios as a writer and story supervisor. Following service in the First World War as a correspondent for the New York Sun, he signed with M-G-M as a writer. ...

30. Bernhard Lehmann

Actor | Arvingen til Skjoldborg

Bernhard Lehmann was born on September 5, 1860 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was an actor, known for Arvingen til Skjoldborg (1914), His Highness, the Prince (1913) and Blandt københavnske Apacher (1911). He died on August 26, 1928.

31. Big Otto

Writer | Vengeance of the Wilds

Head trainer at the Selig Zoo in Lincoln Park.

33. Carrie Scott

Actress | Stage Struck

Carrie Scott was born in 1870. She was an actress, known for Stage Struck (1925), The Music Master (1927) and Manhandled (1924). She was married to James P. Smith. She died on December 18, 1928 in New York City, New York, USA.

34. Cecil Kern

Actress | Rainbow

Cecil Kern was born in 1893 in Portland, Oregon, USA. She was an actress, known for Rainbow (1921), The House of Mystery (1921) and The Gray Towers Mystery (1919). She died on June 4, 1928 in New York City, New York, USA.

35. Cecil Owen

Actor | The Victory of Virtue

British actor, primarily in America. Owen directed theatre productions and served as a casting director for the stage as well as for Paramount Pictures. He was also a professional playreader for a production agency. Following a week's illness, he died of diphtheria at 55 in Rockville Center, New ...

36. Cenek Fencl

Actor | Ceské nebe

Cenek Fencl was born on May 29, 1855 in Hrimézdice, Cechy, Austria-Hungary. He was an actor, known for Ceské nebe (1918), Certisko (1919) and Princezna z chalupy (1919). He died on August 12, 1928 in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

37. Charles Agnew MacLean

Writer | The Mainspring

Charles T. Agnew MacLean was an Irish born American novelist and magazine editor. He is credited as being one of the first American editors to publish works by H.G. Wells, Zane Grey, H.C. Witwer and Charles E. van Loan.

38. Charles Gorman

Actor | Treasure Island

Charles Gorman was born in 1865. He was an actor, known for Treasure Island (1917), The Straw Man (1915) and The Devil Within (1921). He died on January 25, 1928 in New York City, New York, USA.

39. Charles Horan

Writer | The Splendid Lie

Charles Horan was born on April 6, 1886 in New York City, New York, USA. He was an actor and writer, known for The Splendid Lie (1922), Man's Plaything (1920) and Love, Hate and a Woman (1921). He died on January 11, 1928 in Hollywood, California, USA.

40. Charlotte Smith

Actress | A Victim of Jealousy

Charlotte Smith was born in 1873 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Elsie Charlotte Printer. She was an actress, known for A Victim of Jealousy (1910) and The Impalement (1910). She died on March 22, 1928 in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

41. Chauncey Depew

Actor | Miss Jerry

Chauncey Depew was born on April 23, 1834 in Peekskill, New York, USA as Chauncey Mitchell Depew. He was an actor and writer, known for Miss Jerry (1894), Chauncey Depew (1925) and The Millionaires' Playground (1913). He was married to May Palmer and Elsie Hegeman. He died on April 5, 1928 in New ...

43. Clara Williams

Actress | The Market of Vain Desire

Clara Williams was born on May 3, 1888 in Seattle, Washington, USA. She was an actress, known for The Market of Vain Desire (1916), A Cowboy's Vindication (1910) and The Pony Express Rider (1910). She was married to Reginald Barker and Franklyn Hall. She died on May 8, 1928 in Los Angeles, ...

44. Claude France

Actress | Fanfan-la-Tulipe

Claude France was born on March 9, 1893 in Emden, Germany as Jane Joséphine Anna Françoise Wittig. She was an actress, known for The Gay Cavalier (1925), Father Goriot (1921) and The Cradle of God (1926). She died on January 3, 1928 in Paris, France.

46. Colin Campbell

Director | The World's a Stage

Colin Campbell was born on October 11, 1859 in Scotland as James Colin Campbell. He was a director and writer, known for The World's a Stage (1922), A Hoosier Romance (1918) and The Corsican Brothers (1920). He died on August 26, 1928 in Hollywood, California, USA.

47. Corinne Barker

Actress | Enchantment

Corinne Barker was born on June 5, 1890 in Salem, Oregon, USA as Corinne Riely Barker. She was an actress, known for Enchantment (1921), The Climbers (1919) and Money Mad (1918). She was married to Hobart Henley. She died on August 6, 1928 in New York City, New York, USA.

48. Czarina Maria Fyodorovna

Self | Enkekejserinde Dagmars Ankomst

Czarina Maria Fyodorovna was born on November 26, 1847 in Copenhagen, Denmark as Marie Sophie Frederikke Dagmar. She was married to Czar Aleksandr III. She died on October 16, 1928 in Hvidøre, Klampenborg, Denmark.

49. Dave Lewis

Self | Grand Prix Motor Racing

Dave Lewis was born on May 11, 1881 in Syracuse, New York, USA. He died on May 13, 1928 in La Jolla, California, USA.

50. Della Glowner

The Pilgrim

Della Glowner was born in 1870. She was an actress, known for The Pilgrim (1923). She died in 1928 in California, USA.

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