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1. Robert Curtis Brown

Actor | The Handmaid's Tale

Robert Curtis Brown has forged a career playing unique, diverse and interesting characters. This talented, Yale-trained actor has an intriguing, accessible screen presence and a depth of feeling and humor. The complexity that Robert brings to his characters may have its origins in his upbringing in...

2. Kristen Alderson

Actress | One Life to Live

Kristen Alderson was born on May 29, 1991 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA. She is an actress, known for One Life to Live (1968), General Hospital (1963) and The glorious resurrection of Claire Owens (2020).

3. Lance Irwin

Actor | NCIS: Los Angeles

Lance Irwin was born on April 8, 1969 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA. He is an actor, known for NCIS: Los Angeles (2009), Ray Donovan (2013) and You, Me and Dupree (2006).

4. Eddie Alderson

Actor | Changeling

Eddie grew up in Philadelphia, PA. Although at the age of 3, he was living in Manhattan, and would go back to PA to visit family. He began his acting career at the age of 5, when he was chosen to play Matthew Buchanan on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live . He played the role for more than 11 ...

5. Marie Elena O'Brien

Actress | Southpaw

Marie Elena O'Brien was born on July 21, 1975 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA. She is an actress, known for Southpaw (2015), Where the Streets Had No Name and Good Times (2009).

6. Nancy Anne Ridder

Actress | Scream

Nancy Anne Ridder was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA. She is an actress, known for Scream (1996), Storytelling (2001) and Malachance (2004).

7. Steven Kunes

Writer | Over My Dead Body

Steven Kunes (American screenwriter) was born on September 7, 1956 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and attended New York University where he received B.A. degrees in Creative Writing and Comparative Literature in 1978. After much success writing short stories and non-fiction articles for dozens of ...

8. Ross Sebek

Camera Department | The Fate of the Furious

When it comes to filmmaking, Ross Gabriel Sebek literally makes ideas come to life. With a distinctive artistic vision, he is known for a lighting style which has the naturalism of a documentary and the polish of a commercial production.

Ross discovered his attraction to film and video production ...

9. Jenna Colby

Actress | The Portal

Jenna Zablocki was born and raised in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania, north of Philadelphia. Her love affair with the arts began at an early age when, at 5 years old, she started toying with her grandmother's piano. For the next eleven years she studied classical composers, played for family ...

10. Brian de Benedictis

Actor | What Alice Found

During Brian de Benedictis' too-short but exciting life, he performed on stage all over New York City, exhibited his artwork in multiple galleries, and performed small parts on TV and in films. Although Brian had always pursued acting, it wasn't until he became gravely ill in 1998 with ...

11. Erica Gabrielle

Actress | A Story Never Told Before

Erica Gabrielle was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA. She is known for her work on A Story Never Told Before (2005) and Deliverance: By the Slice (2005).

12. Ross Whitley

Actor | Shattered Focus

Ross Whitley was born on June 5, 1989 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA. He is an actor, known for Shattered Focus (2009).

13. Robert Pierosh

Actor | Characters

Robert Pierosh was born on May 26, 1970 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA. He is an actor and producer, known for Characters (2005) and Good Day Live (2001).

14. M.P. Cherkowsky


Born and raised in the Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Cherkowsky attended Temple university in Philadelphia, where he graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor's degree in Film and Media arts. He has had experience working in both film and television, and is actively pursuing a career in both mediums.

15. Angie Schlauch

Actress | Portraits of Sari

Angela Nicole Schlauch was born to proud parents Nicolas Schlauch and Victoria Schlauch on May 28th 1986 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Throughout her young years she experimented with all fields of performance including musical instruments, acting, singing, dancing, and characterizations. As ...

16. Ashley Hanson


Ashley Hanson was born on October 15, 1986 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA as Ashley Lynn Hanson. He is known for his work on Survival Island (2005), Bad Girl Island (2007) and Standing Ovation (2010).

17. Barb Beaser

Actress | Hell Froze Over

Barb Beaser was born on May 18, 1980 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA. She is an actress, known for Hell Froze Over (2009) and On the Couch (2004).

18. Dan Magro

Writer | Portraits of Sari

Daniel James Magro was born on September 28th in Bucks County, Pennsylvania to Ronald Anthony Magro Jr. and Patricia Magro. Since a very young age Dan knew he wanted to act, coercing his siblings and cousins into producing ridiculous shows for everyone at family gatherings. At the age of 11 Dan ...

19. Amanda Tolby

Actress | Shattered Focus

Amanda Tolby was born on January 16, 1990 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA. She is an actress, known for Shattered Focus (2009).

20. Raymond Young

Actor | Encounter

Raymond Young was born on March 7, 1958 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA. He is an actor, known for Encounter (1985).

21. Sal Pandolfo Jr.

Actor | Made in Jersey

Salvador Anthony Pandolfo Jr. is an Actor, known for White Collar (2009) on the USA Network, Made in Jersey (2012) on CBS and the feature film Butterflies of Bill Baker (2013). His first short film was Device (2013) in (2012). He was born on June 1st in Bucks County but calls New York City his ...

21 names.

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