It was...okay
8 February 2020
After the second annoyingly teen-angst musical number, I decided to give it until the next musical number to stop being so annoying. When the third (not counting the Christmas play, of course) started, I reached for the button to turn it off but just as I did, the scene turned the musical number from pointless ebullience to ironic contrast. The concept in this was clearly a rip-off of the same "first morning of the apocalypse" scene in "Shaun of the Dead," but if you're going to rip off a scene, might as well rip off from the very best, and the ironic musical number did add a little something unique to this film. (Actually, from this part onwards, the film rips off a considerable number of basic ideas and situations from "Shaun.") Granted, I almost turned it off again during the dancing in the cemetery, because, as Lovecraft taught us, some things just too terrible for the rational mind to bear seeing.

On the whole, it wasn't a bad movie. It had standard zombie horror/thriller aspects, and actually stopped being much of a comedy and started to be primarily a drama/thriller about 2/3rds of the way through, which generally indicates/ensures that the movie suffers from some significant inherent flaws. One could regard the headmaster's storyline and behavior as darkly comedic, certainly, but the comedic elements kind of got obscured by the dramatic ones as well as by the commentary on modern culture. The downbeat aspects toward the end do kind of reflect a tendency in Brit- and Euro-cinema that borders on self-parody nowadays. Filmmakers in the region really need to stop being so...predictable. It's getting sad.

On the other hand, no matter how many times I've heard it, and I've heard it many times outside of this movie, "Olive the other reindeer" is still one of the best really stupid jokes around and I never get tired of hearing it. So there's that...
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