Yellowstone: A Monster Is Among Us (2018)
Season 1, Episode 7
Really bad and disappointing
7 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
There are so many story lines this show could be pursuing beyond dedicating much of it to a secondary character's brain trauma that occurred from random accidental violence. It pointless soap opera, full of surprise health changes, sorrowful eye contact, and weepy family scenes around her hospital bed. It's boring,

Beth doesn't make sense as a character. Would somebody her age still be driven solely by accidentally causing her mother's death? A child would bear that burden fully but an adult decades later would put it in some perspective, at least enough to have other facets to her personality. She's just anger and depression and people are more nuanced than that. Also, why would anyone want to be around her? Why would Rip care at all about a person who shows him nothing but abuse and sadism. His psychology interests me more and what makes him tick is never explored.

I feel like the Asian cliff scene was thrown in because the director realized this episode is incomprehensibly dull. It made no sense. There is no organic reason some Asians are all of a sudden hanging onto the edge of a cliff. Rip's conversation with them makes no sense. Why the meet and greet? Make sure they know pertinent instructions and save them. The Asian man's reaction to grab the rope can be explained away by panic but why throw two people falling to their deaths into a show for frivolous reasons.

Do we need to hear real estate contract negotiations? I liked the Beth riding horse scene. It was a good metaphor for why life is hard for her. But she's character cutout from an insecure man's imagination. She's pure angst and female chaos and I cannot engage with a character who doesn't have tangibility.
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