Good clean Keyblade hitting fun
18 September 2019
What's more fun than having one HD collection?

Why, bringing both HD collections together of course.

Combining both the 1.5 and 2.5 collections, this is easily one of the best value for money compilations you can get containing most of the Kingdom Hearts games (or some games because the DS ones have been relagated to cutscene movies) on a single disc.

The glory of Kingdom Hearts, the card based antics of Chain of Memories, the majesty of II and the tales of Birth By Sleep are all present and correct and Square-Enix have done a superb job of remastering and updating these games for the consoles.

And of course there's also the cinematic films for 358:2 Days and Re:Coded.

Sure, not everything on the set is an instant win but for the massive amount of content that this set is filled to the brim with, I'd say it's still worth the price of admission.
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