South Seas Pilot
8 August 2019
Jon Hall is Captain Jim Knight, a "white man with a touch of Polynesian". He gets along great with the natives, especially with the local chief, played by Hall's father, Swiss Felix Locher, and beautiful princess Roberta Haynes. Evil John Carradine steals his ship, tosses his crew and native overboard, and grabs the pearls, forcing Hall to sail him to New Zealand lest he kill the Princess, or allow his henchman Mike Mazurki to force her to drink with him.

It's a pilot for a new series after Hall's moderately successful RAMAR OF THE JUNGLE ceased production, and it's as corny as it sounds. It has the saving grace of some nice casting in the villainous department: not only Carradine and Mazurki, but Peter Lorre. Apparently the TV execituves were as unimpssed as I, so Hall -- who also produced the show -- released it to theaters.
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