Review of Incubus

Incubus (2006)
This is just stupid.
23 June 2019
Normally, even in stupid movies, there's something there to redeem it from being complete trash. Maybe it's the camera work, or one of the actors or it's so bad it's good. None of that is found here. This movie is truly trash.

The story goes that a group of teens go off to go camping but they have an accident along the way. There's no cell signal so they can't call for help and instead of waiting there for somebody to come by or walking along the road to the main road, they decide to cut through the woods. They come across a facility of sorts and break in trying to find a phone or some way to contact somebody but instead are met with scenes of horror as there are dead bodies everywhere. It now becomes a race to get out of that facility before whatever killed those people kills them as well.

It's standard horror fare. Group finds a place where something evil is kept and one by one they die usually through rather stupid means. The only real name in this movie is Tara Reid and she shows here that she's not much of an actress and deserves her place on the B-list.

It's a low budget and rather stupid move where people make incredibly stupid decisions because the writers couldn't be bothered to come up with something a little original. Huge holes exist in the plot for the sake of moving the action forward and motivations are determined by who needs to die next.

Give this one a pass. It's not even enjoyable in an ironic way.
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