Only watched the first episode so far but promises to be very good
24 May 2019
I was not sure what to expect from the title. Post war and people are still suspicious and coming into the Cold War period if not already in it. Space travel is new and so is nuclear weaponry. Women are still wives and pretty girls who do not have the power of men or any kind of equality. The boy of the family is treated differently and groomed for a different future from his sister. Invention would be highly prized at this time and a man who could make hearing aids could possibly be capable of making other things. The characters are interesting and politics play a part in this scenario of suspicion and technology. The actors inhabit their characters perfectly and it is interesting to watch their development. I always like children included in these stories because they bring a flavour of innocence and naivety that is charming. There is already a build up of mystery and hint of spying providing us with a taste of what is to come. One hour has been utilised well and different themes and plots have been introduced as well as an array of characters. Not long to wait for episode two thankfully!
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