It was a waste of my money and time
22 May 2019
When i knew that it was in the conjuring universe I immediately wanted to see it and I knew the curse of la llorona previously so it made me wanted to see it even more, my brother and i went to see it (my brother is a huge fan of the the conjuring universe) We had high hopes for it and oh boy was it disappointing. The negatives: Let's start with how they didn't take advantage of the amazing story basically they told the story in about two minutes and that's it,they did mention it once or twice afterward but it didn't do justice to the story. Second thing to talk about is the jump scares, the movie consisted of jump scares (With the examination of the first of thirty minutes) after that it was either a jump scare or the music leading to a jump scare. Third thing is that the movie is a cliché, you have your cliché kids that will get everyone killed to get their toy and your cliché church that will tell you that they can't help you but they'll send you to normally a ghost investigator but this time it was a shaman and many more. That's all i have to say if the movie did anything good it was that it made us laugh.
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