Very average
27 February 2019
It's not very often I feel the need to review a movie I found average, but the reviews here are so skewed in both directions, I thought I'd contribute. If you have an experience with adoption, you might have a soft spot for this movie and that I could understand. But if not, it's just very very average. It's mildly funny, work ok on a dramatic level, and is watchable. I have an open mind, but I just can't agree with any review calling this movie 'hilarious' . It's just watchable basically. It tries too hard to teach some sort of life lesson, and it's running time is too long for what it is.

Approach it with realistic expectations, and it's probably a good movie to zone out to. But the reviews on here stating how hilarious it is definitely made me expect something else. It's just an average drama/comedy.
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