Lots of sight gags and slapstick
19 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Starts off slow, but the gigantic super magnetic horseshoe above the shop entrance that sucks metal objects up to it gets the laughs rolling.. It even attracted the sheriff's badge off his shirt, which got blacksmith Joe Roberts in trouble. He fought with a bunch of deputies, but was finally subdued when Keaton cut the support for the horseshoe, and it fell on Joe's head. Joe was hauled off to jail. Keaton, as his assistant, ran the shop by himself, until near the end, when Joe is released from jail, and discovered what a mess Keaton has made of things, especially the 2 cars he was working on........In addition to the mayhem Keaton causes in the shop, he has a rather brief time outside the shop, which covers the last part of the film. He had runaway from the angry people in the shop, and landed on a railroad track. Later, he's walking down a road when he collides with a galloping white horse. The classy Virginia Fox was the rider. She is knocked out by the collision. When she comes to, Keaton comes on to her. His enthusiasm was overpowering, so they ran hand in hand, from the shop group that was chasing Keaton. When the pursuers got close, Keaton accidentally pulled the rope that released water from the railroad storage tank, discombobulating their pursuers long enough to allow them to catch the departing train.........Keaton never did get around to fixing the thing on the front of the expensive car. But, he later, along with Joe, sure otherwise wrecked the car, in trying to fix the old car next to it. The last straw was when Keaton hoisted Joe above the car, then cut the rope, causing him to smash in the roof. Very Funny. .......One of the funniest scenes has Keaton convincing a horsewoman to buy his monstrous saddle shock absorber. She couldn't get on the saddle without a ladder! She rode around on it for a while, but eventually her horse returned without her, she showing up later with a big stick, causing Keaton to vacate the shop.......One of the more surreal gags has Keaton borrowing the helium-filled balloon of an inquisitive boy. He ties this onto the car where he just took off the tire, thus acting as a wheel jack, The boy then shoots the balloon down with his sling shot, causing that side of the car to partially fall through the floor.......When Keaton is trying to decide which already made horseshoe to put on Virginia's horse, he shows the candidates to the horse , who either nods with disapproval or approval.
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