What would you do if you'd be hired as a bodyguard and a hitman for the same man?
12 September 2018
Our Hero came from nowhere - he wasn't going anywhere and got kicked off somewhere. With this sentence starts the very eventful short film of Buster Keaton who this times stars as a guy who first gets hired in the shooting range. With his clever cheating that shows him the masterful shooting, he manages to get recruited as a bodyguard for a rich man, Mr. August Nickelnurser, and also a hitman for a group of gangsters, who plan to murder the same Nickelnurser.

One can't stop being amazed how inventive was Buster Keaton when staging a physical comedy. Of course some of the stuff was repetitive, but he always managed to find some new ways how to use old gags and jokes. And how many subtle gags he managed to put between huge stunts. 'The High Sign' is no exception. Blink an eye and you might miss some very genius moments.
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