Haunt These Scoundrels
10 September 2018
'The Haunted House' is not quite the haunted house story one might expect. In the very opening minutes, gang of counterfeiters and bank robbers are discussing the possibility to turn their hide out into a haunted house. Then we see Buster Keaton as bumbling bank clerk who accidentally pour glue onto the pile of dollar pills. Row of people stuck on the stuff and on each other follows (most of the are amusing at least), until the bank robbers appear. Soon, Buster himself is suspect and has to escape. He ends up in the hideout of the gang of criminals, and then all the fun starts.

The first half is quite boring in the sense that accidents with glue are (and were already by that time) very overused, but the second half uses many inventive film tricks, special effects and of course, Buster Keaton shines in some hilarious stunts.

Overall, there are better 'haunted house' silent comedies out there, but I like this one as it mixes some of my most favorite themes together into one amusing movie.
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