Review of One Week

One Week (1920)
Just Follow the Instructions
4 September 2018
After working as a support player in Roscoe Arbuckle movies (who moved on to make feature films) Buster Keaton earned his first starring role in his own short film. After the the wedding the Bride (Sybil Seely) and the Groom (Buster Keaton) receive a portable house as a wedding present. All the necessary stuff to build the house are packed in the boxes, but Buster's rival, Handy Hank messes up the numeration of the boxes, so Buster and his new wife are having quite a trouble with putting the house together.

'One Week' being the first real Buster Keaton movie, one can see how amazingly complete the film is - Keaton's acting and directing style were almost fully developed by this early stage in his career. That only is proof that how good of a student Buster Keaton was to Arbuckle. Talk about apprentice surpassing the master.
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