Review of Love

Love (1919)
His Greatest Battle for Love
31 August 2018
Fatty is in love with Winnie (Winfred Westover to whom Kirsten Dunst bears amazing resemblance) and is about to propose her. Then his biggest rival Al (Al St. John) arrives with a letter from his father to Winnie's father, in which he offers half his land to him if he allows his daughter to marry Al. Of course the deal is closed and Fatty has to put all his wits to work to overcome all the obstacles between him and his great love.

The film was long forgotten and was even considered lost, but thanks to the fragments found in the Danish and Italian film archives 'Love' can be now seen in restored condition. And that would have been great bitty if that movie had stayed lost, as it is one of the Arbuckle's best. Made without his frequent collaborator at that time, Buster Keaton, who still served in the army, the film still includes some fantastically staged elaborate acrobatic stunts. Also the film includes one of the best Arbuckle in drag moments.

Definitely must see film for all Roscoe Arbuckle's fans.
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