The Brave (2017–2018)
Within the first 6 minutes of the pilot multiple errors.
1 October 2017
This show clearly doesn't know anything about the intelligence community or the SOF community. In the opening credits, they refer two main groups of protecting the United States, and Special Forces Operators. That is an incorrect statement, because Special Forces is the name of the Green Berets, it does not refer to anybody else in the spec ops community. The term they should of used is Special Operations Force(s). Second, going back to the term "Special Forces Operators" is incorrect also because Special Forces(Green Beret) are not operators, only tier 1 groups like DEVGRU, Delta, JTF2 and SOG are deemed operators. Second error in the first 6 minutes, is the intelligence aspect is being handle by the DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency) yet, the call the Special Operations Group? The SOG is a CIA spec ops unit, the DIA would of called JSOC as the DIA is a part of the military. Third error, within the SOG group their is a female, the SOG is infamous for only recruiting from Tier 1 groups in the military, and no female has EVER made a tier 1 group or any SOF for that matter. Clearly a lack of detail, I turned off after these quite simple errors.
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