Review of Suntan

Suntan (2016)
A loner doctor and his summer love on a Greek island
16 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Greece has hundreds of islands full of life during the summer but gloomy and melancholic during the winter. For us Greeks who work at the public sector, these islands are a necessary first step in order to accumulate points and someday maybe we will be able to work closer to our hometown where our interests lie. The middle aged doctor is a bit old to start his career from Antiparos but for various reasons that's what he does. He is strange guy. A bit of a loner. He doesn't make friends easily, especially with women. So here he is. A rainy day he disembarks on this small, windy, scarcely populated island and he tries to get used to his new life style. It suits him fine. But then, Summer arrives and with it, thousands of tourists. Young boys and girls, open minded, ready to have fun, willing to make the best of their holiday. The young doctor falls in love with a young woman but he seems to be a little more serious than he should have. He gets pushy, anxious,then careless and finally paranoid.
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