Endeavour (2012– )
No spoiler here, just an encouragement to embrace "Endeavour"
11 September 2017
Evans and Allam stand on the shoulders of giants.

Just as the X-15 and Mercury programs of NASA set the stage for Apollo and its trip to higher levels, "Endeavour" goes to the next heights.

Thaw and his loyal sergeant as portrayed by Whately were the foundation..."Endeavour" is the next phase of this timeless story line.

Let me be so bold as to say I think Thaw would be proud.

The entire series has been brilliant, for so many years. Many thanks to all the people behind the scenes, writers, directors and producers.

They, like Rolls Royce, have kept the highest quality in a time when this is extraordinarily difficult and unique.

I am grateful and more than slightly in awe of this effort.
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