Has its moments!
24 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The Blacksmith Buster Keaton (blacksmith's apprentice), Joe Roberts (blacksmith), Virginia Fox (horsewoman).

Directors: BUSTER KEATON, MAL ST CLAIR. Screenplay: Buster Keaton, Mal St Clair. Photography: Elgin Lessley. Art director: Fred Gabourie. Producer: Joseph M. Schenck.

Copyright 21 July 1922 by Comique Film Co., Inc. U.S. release: 21 July 1922. Original release prints had an attractive amber wash. 23 minutes.

SYOPSIS: Buster Keaton wreaks havoc in a blacksmith's garage.

COMMENT: Not a wholly successful film, chiefly because the comedian tries his hand at a number of disparate styles.

Mostly, Buster endeavors to imitate Charles Chaplin — but neglects to engage the audience's sympathy. His destructive acts are impressive but not particularly amusing, simply because they all tend to come across as destruction simply for destruction's sake.

However, the movie fortunately does move along pretty quickly, and it certainly does favor us with several very ingenious gags. In particular, I found both the opening hilarity with the magnet and the climax with the advancing train, most enjoyable.
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