Dear Diary (1993)
The uncertainty of any definition for "Caro Diario" is what makes it so special.
17 June 2017
The uncertainty of any definition for "Caro Diario" is what makes it so special. A documentary? Film? An autobiography? A narcissistic record? Maybe a little bit of everything, but at the same time denying it all.

Speaking about "Caro diario" only loses for the pleasure of watching the film performed by the Italian Nanni Moretti in 1993. Morreti is already referenced a few years ago as a representative figure of the new phase of Italian cinema. I confess that I had only previously watched a Morreti film, being presented to the director through his Italian classes, and in which we watched "Habemus Papam" in 2011.

"Caro Diário" is a unique work that is done through three episodes with an autobiographical character and in dialogue with the documentary. Moretti could run the risk of doing something dangerously narcissistic, but by having a look, writing and personality so interesting, "Caro" turns into a jocular free movie to mock its own author, from His homeland, his friends, the public ... The mosaic of the world that circulates Moretti is so true that in several moments the reciprocity and familiarity of situations not only cross the protagonist of this story, but also the one that watches. As, for example, we do not identify with the inability of physicians to listen to their patients, but, in contrast, the doctors' ability to speak and recite medicines that do not help our illnesses, especially in Responsibility for healing.

References are not always pleasant, as they generally tend to reduce the merit of people, in the case of Moretti, is sincere how much Woddy Allen inspired the director or is only personal connections of the public, since in various moments of the film, we have Memory and familiarity of typical approaches to Allen's autobiographical films, such as his direct narrative, his insertion as a man and character, his sarcastic comments, the division of chapters using nominative posters, the ability to laugh at himself, and endings that always follow The opposite of expected or desired.

The use of a soundtrack that at different times is something that arises externally, and that ends up influencing or creating moments of the music itself, a dialogue between character and melody, work excellently and much say of the relation and influence of Latin rhythms or Of old songs in Moretti's lineup. One of the most beautiful moments of the film is Moretti's homage to Italian filmmaker Paolo Pasolini, a motorcycle (scooter) to the place where the director was murdered to the sound of Korn's concert Keith Jarrett.

The wasp: vehicle for only one person. The island: a metaphor for the individual, solitude. The doctor: professional who takes care of the body of each individual; Every very particular body of each person. The titles of each part in which the Daily Diaries divide are, in some way, a notion of the individual, of the particular, as a diary also does. Here, however, it is not an intimate narrative: Moretti may be egocentric, but this does not make him self-absorbed. His idiosyncratic, peculiar way is, in fact, a way that could be anyone's; We notice it in Moretti simply because he exposes himself.

Both the photography and the lighting are punctual, not going beyond what is necessary so little innovation, in the specific lighting is notorious the use of natural light, which greatly collaborates in the creation of a documentary and biographical character very close to the street documentaries or programs The first chapter, which uses an interesting camera work, both for the movement and the break of open and closed plans, this first part, refers very much to the television programs, which usually Present the neighborhoods of a large city through a personality.

"Caro diario" is mainly a conversation between the director and the audience, which creates an opportunity for intimacies that we can rarely experience, either through documentaries or the various film genres. A film of sensitivity even when dead seams, even when it is set inside out. A diary that we help to write and that certainly is a pleasure to accompany. Congratulations Moretti!
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