Review of Scandal

Scandal (2012–2018)
Had to stop watching it for my own sanity
5 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This show was way better in the first two or so seasons. Back then, a lot of the episodes focused on the main characters using their skills to mop up different political scandals around town. There was a larger story arc that was okay too, but it was never all that interesting.

The show goes way downhill as it grinds on, however. Once Olivia Pope gets into a ridiculous love triangle with two dudes, the whole show devolves into her making pouty faces and yelling a lot, or sitting around on her couch making pouty faces while she drinks wine and eats chocolate, etc. That's pretty much every episode. All the characters talk with the same annoying diction and frequently make ridiculous and hyperbolic speeches about "the republic" and other nonsense. The writing is painfully predictable. I gave up somewhere in the fourth season. Or maybe the fifth. I don't remember; I do my best to pretend this show never happened.
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