Avoid this boring Deliverance ripoff
7 March 2016
I know why people give this decent reviews....because it had potential to be amusing cheesy 80's but it's not. The acting is awful, the story we've seen a dozen times (even by 1986), and the soundtrack sounds like they just grabbed anyone to do it. What really sucks is that with a better script and direction this had potential. Some actors who are known to give good performances are totally wasted in this mess of a movie. Clu Gulager tries to give his character more depth than it deserves. Bruce Glover (yes crispies dad) is just an annoying "crazy redneck" stereotype "one eye" lol. Billy Drago is wasted in a very minor role. If your in the mood to abuse yourself with almost 2 hours of a film nobody needed go ahead. Not on DVD yet save your $20 the VHS goes for. You've been warned.Go watch Rituals instead.
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