Review of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs (2015)
I hate Apple products but I love this movie.
31 October 2015
The beautiful: This film had flavor: a hallway meeting was decorated by showing the launch of Skylab on the wall, the pouring rain outside during a board meeting was reflected on the ceiling, and narrowing the view of the media montage until it was the iconic -i-, the metaphor with the liliesÂ… that's the spice of movies, baby! The good: The book/script. How you could summarize all that convoluted history into the span of a movie and still make it extremely entertaining just blows my mind. This one was definitely 'on the page'.

The bad: The trailer. Did they capture their target audience? I only bothered with this one because it was 'her turn to pick' (and she loves her phone *rolls eyes*.) I also thought it curious that my Apple-fan family didn't mention the movie on social media, 'they' who have worked at or around the company since its inception, went to school with Wozniak's kids and won't shut up about whatever new i-Junk is going on now. Did this movie set them off? Probably.

The ugly: The inherent problem with the theater industry. It's all about getting rear-ends into seats. Entertaining the audience is another matter entirely. This movie was extremely entertaining but would not have gotten my rear-end into the seat had someone not dragged me to it.

The bottom line: This movie was such an awesome piece of film work that I'm going to go see it again for the movie magic, not for Steve Jobs, or Apple, or i-Whatever.
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