Scandal (2012–2018)
Absolutely the worst acting ever
14 June 2015
My wife and I have persevered with this show because by halfway through S2 we decided it was absolutely the most overacted and unconvincing characters ever in a soap. From then on we watched for the amusement factor (in between Game of Thrones and True Detectives... decent dramas) and to sit and make fun of it. Kerry Washington has to be just about the most overrated and worst actress on the planet with her stupid faces she pulls and her ridiculous walk with a massive empty handbag. Huck is about as bad as a baby pug and the rest of them may as well just give up acting. Olivia's father in the show once he opened his gob you just wanted to put your boot in it as you know he wasn't going to shut up for about 10 minutes while the camera flashes to Olvia Pope like she was struggling on the toilet. Please if you are considering watching this utter tripe don't waste 60 hours of your life that you will never get back. Please don't commission a Season 6..please spare us the embarrassment.
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