Doc Martin: The Wrong Goodbye (2009)
Season 4, Episode 8
Baby time.
27 April 2015
Dr. Ellingham is just about ready to walk away from the little town to a new life in London. However, as you'd expect on a TV show like this, his plans do NOT go as planned and all sorts of bad stuff occurs. The biggest problem involves a teacher, Tasha, and her husband, a cab driver. They both are having strange symptoms and by the time the Doc figures out the problem and how to cure it, it's almost too late for Tasha. The treatment, and it's pretty weird, is a quick infusion of alcohol! But here is the problem--the husband is driving Louisa to the hospital and he is also sick--and could black out just like his wife just did! By the time the worried doctor catches up to the cab, it has crashed. The cab driver needs immediate care or he'll die and Louisa just went into labor!! What's to happen?

This is a well written and chaotic episode--culminating in the birth of the Doctor's son. Well written and charming at the end as the town listens in as the child is delivered!
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