Skelton Twins -did not double my pleasure
27 September 2014
I would be more interested in watching the Minnesota Twins in between innings. Never before did I feel so little about so much. Do yourself a favor, if you want to waste two hours of your life, watch grass grow, It is far more interesting and you actually begin to feel more empathy towards the aspects of being green. I wasn't sure if this movie was about suicide or they were attempting to have me consider it during this giant yawn. Seriously it is difficult to believe that such talented actors read the script and really made the decision to take it on. From the formula dialog to the moronic singing as a sort of cute bond could make most people pretty much blow lunch. The settings were beautiful, the acting was essentially good. I seriously have read more interesting ingredients on a soup can. The old cliché that the trailer was better than the movie fits. Robert Stack
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