21 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The X-Men send wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants.

To me it's a very welcome return to Bryan Singer as X-Men I and II were very good! He really captured the essence of the X-Men comic books which was as it's heart the mutant and humans struggle, politics and emotions of that. Bryan Singer returned this time, taking what Matthew Vaughn brought us with X-Men: First Class and linked the two world together in a perfectly satisfying and epic new film. This exciting summer blockbuster will satisfy fans of the series. Singer is clearly comfortable in this world once again bringing humour to it as well as incredible action. It's in fact great to see the X-Men fight together in a unique and interesting way. Plus, he exceeded people expectations (unfortunately for him though, particularly in this world where expectations are always higher), pleased, surprised and shocked them as well with X-Men I at a time when there were no genre. X-Men II, I think, for many people is a favourite of the entire series. He managed to elevate that again with Days of Future Past. This film is not only an X-Men movie but it's also a time travel movie. Which can go both way. It gives the writers and director the chance to do something that we're not expecting as they could literally pull anything out of the bag. This film might be the best X-Men movie we've ever had as Singer fixed all the mistakes made since his departure with X-Men III and Origins. It's great! However, people tend to smash those big blockbusters because of all the special effects and kids related things but this movie has on display incredible acting talent, the cast is absolutely incredible, such as Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. Plus, the big stands out are Michael Fassbender and especially James McAvoy who is amazing as Professor X in far more difficult times. They have such a fantastic chemistry, we can feel the endless amount of back stories in place within those characters. Yes, there are many characters in this film which is pretty easy to mess up with. We've seen that recently, for instance in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which handled his characters terribly. But here, every single one of these characters having really awesome bad ass fight scenes and cool comic book moments, have emotional arcs as well. Undeniably the emotional core of the movie is intact from the beginning. One of the best sequences involved Evan Peters as Quicksilver, trust me as I say that he steels every moments he's on the screen. Every scenes he's in it, not a whole bunch, but still every scene is PERFECT. When he's demonstrating his powers, is actually one of the best scene I have ever seen in a comic book film in my (short) entire life. Finally, only a couple of minor issue including on the one hand little to much silly humour, but I have to admit that it's part of the series. Sometimes humour was extremely clever throughout the movie, characters did jokes and it works. On the other hand there were to little time spent on worthy character such as Dr. Bolivar Trask. Indeed, Peter Dinklage is an amazing actor but he didn't really strike the fear and intensity that I was hoping from him, as we didn't really know what are his motivations to exterminate mutants by creating the Sentinel. The character of Bishop also disappointed me as he doesn't look like the comics in any way. X-Men: Days of Future Past represents a great conclusion as well as a fresh beginning for the next films to come.

Overall, even if you're not an X-Men fan despite just the fantasy and spectacle, the story is so deeply human and moving that I feel like everyone has to relate to this franchise. As you could tell by now I'm a huge fan of Marvel universe. I loved X-Men DOFP and of course I'm really looking forward to Apocalypse, more than ever before!
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