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Scandal (2012–2018)
Season 3 ruined what could have been a good show!
17 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Wow season 3 of Scandal was so bad it absolutely wiped out what Scandal had established in Season 1 and 2. For a political drama this show has now turned into a fantasy satire. Every character on the show is a villain. The president, the vice president and all of Olivia's love interests, as well as her entire family are mass murderers involved in some recycled Alias storyline that has been done to death. Olivia is no longer the strong, independent woman from season 1 and most of season 2, she is now a incompetent, weak cry baby who follows the president like a puppy no matter what he does or who he kills. There is no one to root for anymore as this is a show about terrible people doing ridiculous things. The acting is over the top as everyone in the cast seems to scream one line after the other and the dialogue is so unbelievable and clichéd. The show is now filled with cheap thrills and gimmicks(Hannibal would be proud of Mama Pope), taking itself so seriously yet offering nothing in return.

This show had so much potential but season 3 not only jumped the shark, it sunk the ship. I am sorry to say I have now given up this show which use to be must see TV!
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