What do I think of "Ask That Guy With The Glasses"?
28 July 2013
That's a very good question. To fully get to the depth of it, though, I have to do this compare and contrast first.

First of all, The Nostalgia Critic will always be better than this, second, I believe that Bum Reviews actually is on par with it.

The simple outline for an episode is a series of absurd questions being asked to this "posh" man who gives even more absurd answers. One episode, someone asked him if he could kill him. He answered yes, ran down a street, entered a house, shot him, came back and asked where he lived.

So why is this worth watching? Mainly the antics of Douglas Walker, If you are not a fan, don't watch, if you are or you're interested in him but haven't seen any of his other shows, give it a look.
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